TREND ALERT: Unicorn Beauty

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Once upon a time, the whimsical unicorn-inspired glamour trend took beauty gurus by storm. Welcome to the wonderful world of opal and iridescent themed products that add a little magic to your life. Each one lands on some end of the sparkle spectrum with a mix of pearlescent hues in all its glowing glory.

Read on for the five most swoon-worthy beauty looks that will make you glow like a fairy tale goddess to your style and let us know your favorite via social media.


Duo-Chrome Eye Shadow

Unleash your inner princess with sparkly shades of liquid eye shadow. Stila Cosmetics has the perfect product for a gorgeous glow in its new Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Duo Chrome Shades collection. It’s the perfect blend of shine, shimmer, and glow. Grab all three glittering colors at Sephora located at Galleria Dallas.


Diamond Highlighter

Shine brighter than a diamond with these brilliant highlight pigments. The new “Hi-Lite: Opals” highlighter by Lime Crime accentuates facial features in all the bright ways. These three shades complement all skin types. Apply a few heavy strokes for a more dramatic look or a couple light strokes to add a hint of glow. It brings all your unicorn dreams to life, hence the fact that the brand is known for creating “makeup for unicorns.”


Pixie Hair

No, we’re not talking about the hair cut. It’s all about the soft, yet intense color of pearl hair. Achieve this by pre-coloring your hair to a shade that almost reaches silver, then aim for a soft metallic or pastel finish. The best part about this trend: you can choose any color to mix in because it’s all about the shade. Beware of mermaid fever.


Mesmerizing Nails

Transform your nails into gemstones with iridescent or opal nail art. This sparkling rainbow color is an upgrade from the shattered glass trend that hit the scene a few seasons ago. Aim for more translucent tints to accentuate this trend. If you’re looking for inspiration before your next nail appointment, check out different opals of the world. Want to DIY? Dip your digits in this unicorn dust


Unicorn Approved Lips

Add a finishing touch to your basic lipstick with a little fairy dust. “Diamond Crushers” by Lime Crime or loose glitter and lip glue achieves the perfect amount of sheen. After applying a base color, swipe these products over and watch as your look goes from mellow to magical. Depending on the top coat, you can achieve more of an iridescent, chrome, or in between the spectrum aesthetic. Less crafty? Try Too Faced’s lippy in “Unicorn Tears.”


Unicorn Everything

Tarte’s was inspired by real-life unicorns. With colorful highlighters, palettes, lip tints and unicorn horn brushes, the beauty brand’s new line “Make Believe in Yourself” is too cute. The highly anticipated collection will hit stores next Wednesday, March 15.

It’s time to prance off to the beauty store!

Images courtesy of Stila Cosmetics, Lime Crime and Tumblr.

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