The Best Moments From This Year’s Installment Of The Pin Show

With the fashion party at a close, we look to recap all the lights, chest-rattling beats, calm and cool model walks and the best moments from this year's installment of The Pin Show. Here at DFW Style Daily, we have an exclusive look behind the scenes through the eyes of the models, musicians, designers, attendees, pop-up shop vendors and the organizer herself! Recap 1 Taking place at the Bomb Factory, The Pin Show took place in a two-story warehouse building. The lighting was dim all around to place the spotlight on the models walking in the designer’s work. The crowd was surrounded by vibrant colored open bars, the seats lined in a U-shape to give models room to strut down the runway. If a patron was too far away, a large projection screen showed the models walking up to the designated pose mark on the runway so they could see the designs as if they were sitting right next to the model. The stage, originally white, was given life by multi-colored spotlights and electro-pop artist ZHORA acting as DJ to give it a voice. The designers watched their pieces fly down the runway with ease. First-time presenters and veterans all around had a wonderful experience. Jiani Chen, first time presenter at The Pin Show, was happy to see her designs come to fruition.

Recap 2

“It was really exciting, joyful and I felt a sense of accomplishment,” Chen said. Audience reactions played another large factor to the designer’s positive experience post Pin Show. Jeanette Goodlin, mastermind behind Zomarquerite, experienced an unexpected compliment from an audience member after the show concluded.

Recap 3

“I was not expecting as much positive feedback as I received,” Goodlin said. “After the show someone bowed to me, it was an ethereal experience.” Regular attendees, Denise and Keith Manoy, owners of Indigo 1745, were impressed by designers, especially Dika Obiaju and Jiani Chen. They were also excited by the cutting-edge men’s wear pieces presented on the runway. Recap 6 “Because we are a men’s and women’s boutique it is always exciting to find designers who are doing innovation with men’s wear,” the Manoys said. Designers and audience members were pleased with the results of the Pin Show. But how did the models feel in the clothing? Marshall Price, male model for Wallflower Management and first time Pin Show model, talks about his experience in the designer’s clothes. Recap 7 “It felt great walking down the runway in the designer’s clothes. I felt invincible and I had so much confidence,” Price said. “My favorite was ‘Ain’t No Lady’ mainly because I got to show off my abs. Hard work.” Pin Show veteran, Melani Colic, female model for Wallflower Management, tells us about her second time walking the Pin Show runway. Recap 8 “I felt very confident and comfortable in all the clothing I wore by each of the four designers,” Colic said. “I was a little nervous only because of the stairs but once I did the run through and the first walk I became less nervous.” To top it off, Olivia (Jane) Harris, second year Pin Show participant, reveals why she returned to walk the Pin Show. Olivia is another familiar Wallflower face.

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“The Pin Show is so much fun and allows me to experience different runways,” Harris said. “The lines are always so stunning and the atmosphere is great.” You can’t do a Pin Show without sponsors. Without them, the post fashion party vibe wouldn’t be the same. Mike Arrega, a representative of Shag Carpet Rentals, reveals after four years of the company’s attendance, why they support the Pin Show. “We believe in the idea of The Pin Show,” he said. “Supporting independent local is important to us. We were given a chance for success, so it’s our way of paying it back.” Sam Pin Show performer Sam Lao strutted the runway for the second time this year and appreciates the blend of music and fashion it brings to Dallas. "Events like The Pin Show are a great way to cross-pollinate the arts," she told us. "I always gain a lot of fans that may not have seen or heard of me otherwise. The energy is different than a regular music show, but the audience is always extremely attentive and supportive." Julie McCullough, Pin Show organizer and an independent designer herself at Folksie, looks back on this year's show with applause.

Recap 10

This show was more refined than we’ve ever been and to me, that made it the best,” McCullough said. “The fashion was at the top of its game, the music line up was unstoppable, and the energy in the crowd was intense!” Recap 11 With The Pin Show ending in success, we are eager for next year's fashion party. What do you hope to see? Who do you want to see return? Find out next year! Until then, stay fierce. Images courtesy of Thomas Garza Photography.