Say Hello To The Pin Show’s Emerging Designers

BTS clothes Emerging designers will soon take the spotlight at The Pin Show in a matter of hours. What can Pin Show attendees expect from these rising stars? Here is a preview of a few of the designers and their unique aesthetics. Molly

Molly Margaret Designs

A textile designer by day and an artist by night, Molly Syndor, creator of Molly Margaret Designs, is a fresh face at The Pin Show; bringing her theme of human interaction to the runway. Syndor’s experience at the Maryland Institute of Art (2015 alumni) cultivated a knowledge of fiber art and the possibilities of experimental fashion, thus giving the image of the “human experience” a platform to come to life. Her journey as a designer began when an unknown heart condition steered her focus away from athletics and into the arts. “I have a micro-valve prolapse (a common heart disorder) as well as an extra beat,” Syndor said. The idea of the “human experience”was originally derived from the human body. “When I began my thesis in 2014 I came to the conclusion that my work as a whole whether it be painting, drawing, fiber art, photography, or fashion all revolves around the body,” she said. “The human experience winds itself into my concepts through the body. My work is imbedded with identity and body image, stimulating conversations about the complexity of race and sexuality. Influenced by not only our human anatomy and its many functions, but also how our bodies relate to ourselves and one another.” Since then, Syndor takes experiences from everyday life, not just from her perspective, but others as well. Most of her work, however, mainly focuses on her path through life and the idea of confronting human evolution. Syndor hopes her concept will influence individuals to look, listen, experience, be willing to learn and stimulate conversations about the complexity of race and sexuality. Goals for Syndor are to continue working in fashion, with the idea of illustrating the textile as a wearable sculpture. Her main focus is to work on the textile art itself. The hope for the Molly Margaret Design brand is to be sold in local boutiques and stores soon. Maria

Seven Flock

Maria Fabré dreams of closing the fashion loop to create less waste in our environment with her brand, Seven Flock. With the love and support of her parents and husband, Fabré presents her minimalist/Scandinavian landscape concept for the first time at The Pin Show. “I got to this point, of participating in the Pin Show, with lots of support from my husband,” Fabré said. “I hope this path will take me towards being able to start a brand that influences consumers to really value their garments and question where their garments truly come from & at what cost.” Fabré won the Golden Scissor Scholarship from the University of North Texas in2014 (along with a physical pair of Gingher scissors). “The criteria is a hardworking person who’s a team player with a willingness to help others and constantly trying to improve,” Fabré said. Fans of Seven Flock can look forwards to seeing more designs at various shows in the near future.



Arlington native and UNT senior Radkeem Sims, mastermind of his self-named brand Radkeemsims, has gone from being the man in the backstage of fashion shows to having his work walk the runway. Sims looks to The Pin Show for audience critiques to help him grow as an emerging designer. The inspiration for his Pin Show line comes from tragedies of life, specifically about Sims’ personal journey as a black man growing into adulthood. As a designer and person overall, Sims is inspired by doing good to others, his dreams, culture and the future of his line. Sims aspires to host Fashion Week in Milan, New York, Paris and London and competing with top brands such as DSquared2, Gucci, Chanel, Hermès, Issey Miyaki, Comme de Carςons and Moschino. Sims hopes to influence those in media, design and art. But the crowd he wants to influence the most are his consumers. “I'm taking a risk as a designer, reaching out to everyday customers ranging from men who are casual and curious of change to women who are always looking for something innovative and fresh to their everyday style down to teens who wants to adapt that cool/edgy look to be just like their idol,” Sims said. “Mainly anyone who is willing to make a stand to be brave, bold, and new in this day of age of a new era.” Fans of Sims and his work can root for him in his goal to graduate with his Bachelor of Fine Arts and to find a professional to work under in order to gain knowledge for his future endeavors. LolaRae

LolaRae Designs

First time Pin Show designer, Sharae Rogers, brings her brand, LolaRae Designs to the runway. The UNT alumni learned to sew at the age of eight. She would create Halloween costumes, accessories, pillowcases; pretty much anything she could think of. Rogers started the first Fashion Club at her high school which her sister participates in today. With designs influenced by personal travels, finding the love of her life and the unbreakable power of the female spirit, Rogers hopes to inspire women everywhere. “I want to create designs that inspire, empower and motivate women to love themselves as they are," she said. “I never want to create something that is used as a cover up for the female body. My goal with my designs is to showcase and reflect the soul of the woman wearing them.” Rogers wants to continue to create designs that are relevant and genuine. She would love the brand to grow while building an online retail business of her ready-to-wear designs and couture creations. R. Nola

R. Nola

UNT junior, R’Bonney Gabriel, will showcase her Taj Mahal-inspired collection for the first time on the Pin Show runway. Gabriel began sewing at the age of 15 by taking local classes and researching techniques on the internet. Inspired by the designs of Valentino, Robert Cavalli, Manish Arora and various Australian contemporary labels, Gabriel hopes to help women feel powerful and beautiful. “I want women to feel like they can express a part of themselves through my unique designs,” Gabriel said. Gabriel’s future plans are to graduate college and find a job with a clothing brand when she can learn more about marketing and the business side of creating a brand. Brimm


Mansfield native and hat collector, Lora Cook made her passion of collecting hats into a design career and is presenting her hat collection for the first time at The Pin Show. Cook began making hats in July 2016. She will bring a modern western collection to The Pin Show runway. “The well-traveled outlaw line premiered in the show is inspired by my west Texas and Oklahoma roots,” she said. “Old western with a modern twist.” Cook hopes to inspire people that believe they don’t look good in hats. She knows there is a hat out there for everyone. “Making people happy and feel good about themselves is what makes me strive to design and bring good vibes to all by my creations,” Cook said. For the future, Cook looks to grow and promote BRIMM. Join us on the runway tonight for this year's Pin Show. Doors to The Bomb Factory open at 6:30 P.M. with the show at 8 p.m. It’s not too late to purchase your tickets; click here to get them now! Image 1 courtesy of Thomas Garza Photography. All other images courtesy of individual designers.