Tonight’s Food In Fashion Event Brings A Little Extra Spice To The Runway

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Food in Fashion is a brand new event that will add a little extra spice to the runway tonight, Feb. 15. This showcase will feature work from ten up-and-coming designers, each partnered with a restaurant to create a collaboration of cuisine and couture that’s sure to impress!

Food in fashion

To make the event even more appetizing, the event will benefit the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation and its Texas ProStart culinary career program, which cultivates the next generation of restaurant owners in Dallas ISD high schools.

“For this first year out, we decided to take the first ten designers who volunteered and the first ten restaurants we could talk into doing it,” said Randall White, president of Elettore, who is putting on the event. “It was a bit of a leap of faith for some but I was pleased to get the diversity we got.”

Food in Fashion 2

Edible or not, 10% of each design is required to come from the kitchen. Designers were able to choose their partner restaurant to team up in a Project Runway-style challenge. Following the savory show will be a two-hour reception at 3015 at Trinity Groves.

Food in Fashion is a guaranteed treat for anyone with a quirky taste. Bon apetít! Click here for tickets and more information.

Photos courtesy of Chris E. Booth.

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