Meet The Artists Performing At This Year’s Pin Show

3-The-Pin-Show Models walking the catwalk in high fashion garments with, straight pouty faces touched by makeup, an intense look at the crowd and a confident stomp isn’t the same without some good bass-filled tunes. Musicians performing at The Pin Show are ZHORA, Blue, The Misfit, Sam Lao, PICNICTYME and Ronnie Heart. Whether you’re an existing fan or just hearing these names for the first time, get to know the artists through DFW Style Daily! ZHORA The main act, Taylor Rea, vocalist for ZHORA started her music career playing the violin and the piano. When Rea was in middle school she played the flute; in high school, she learned the guitar. Rea is currently a pop/electronic artist that hopes to produce music and take up pottery. As a performer, Rea’s stage persona is a woman we can all look up to. “I see...Pride!...I see Power..I see...A bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!” Rea said. blue-misfit Blue, The Misfit began in the producing business. After being introduced to Florida Studio, that’s when Blue’s career officially took off and has been making his own beats ever since. Blue has produced for Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Mac Miller and others. As an artist, he has collaborated with Sarah Jaffe, Daniel Hart of Dark Rooms, and Grammy Award-winning artists Jordan Richardson and Tony Williams. Besides producing, Blue is a writer and a DJ and hoping to get into visual projecting arts. Fans can look forward to Blue, The Misfit’s new album “Perfect Night, For A Funeral” this spring. “It’s a collection of songs I have been working on for over two years,” he said. “It’s a dark and cinematic vibe that meshes the world of hip hop with the soundscapes of alternative rock and classical strings.” File Dec 22, 5 13 24 PM Sam Lao, a daring and unapologetic hip-hop performer based out of Dallas, TX, always loved music and recently transitioned from being a consumer to a creator. Lao’s style is self-described as “fluid” she is comfortable and confident in jeans and sneakers as much as she is in a slinky dress and high heels. Her debut EP “West Pantego” made its mark on the city of Dallas only to be outshined by her most recent work “SPCTRM.” “'SPCTRM' is very dear to me as it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and tears and I feel it’s a very accurate representation of me right now,” Lao said. “I want to share it with as many people as possible not only to spread my art but to give it to those who might also have the same feelings and sentiments.” With “world domination” in mind, Lao wants to expand her art as far as she can. In the meantime, listeners can expect to see music videos in the near future for every song on “SPCTRM.” PICNICTYME Richard Escobedo, the man behind PICNICTYME, is a multi-platform artist showing his talents in MCing, singing, photography, and videography. While growing up in his hometown, Wichita Falls, Escobedo learned to play drums at 11-years-old. When he was 18, his first single “Roll With Me”, was produced through Oven Records, his self-made label. After Escobedo moved to Dallas, he studied film at the Art Institute of Dallas and worked as a photographer and a videographer. His accomplishment at the time was being a cameraman for the reality show, “Cheaters.” Around the same time, Escobedo was building his beat making skills. In 2006, Escobedo had the opportunity to team up with rappers Picasso and Tahiti from Picasso, Picnic, Tahiti (PPT). With PPT having a short lifespan, Escobedo moved on to work with S1, a co-producer for Kanye West’s “Power”, to create Cassette Union, a production unit. Through his colleague, he met Erykah Badu who asked him to play drums for Cannabinoids and to photograph tours for documentation. Escobedo’s recent work was engineering and producing rap duo A.Dd+’s LP “When Pigs Fly.” Fans of PICNICTYME can look forward to his EP “Seamonsters.” Ronnie Heart Ronnie Heart, a Houston native, has been into music since he can remember. Heart started playing the guitar at age 16 in 2002. Another art form Heart took up was breakdancing. In his teens, Heart took many breakdancing classes then began dancing for the Houston City Dance Company but never got to compete. He trained for years so he could try out for the company, but he moved away, thus never getting the chance to try out. Other dance styles he learned were hip-hop, ballet, and jazz-ballet. Heart’s unique style looks fly and needs to glide. “I enjoy a well-tailored silhouette,” he said. “Bolo ties have a special place on my neck. I’m a monochromatic fella. If the shoe doesn’t slide, I can’t glide. I wish Star-Trek could make my entire wardrobe.” Heart describes his stage persona as “valiant, confident, daring, wild and sensual.” Catch Heart at upcoming shows like Fort Worth’s Fortress Fest and the Valley of the Vapors (VOV) in Hot Springs, Arkansas. “The goal for this year is to make thrilling new music and collaborate with like-minded artists,” Heart said. “I want to continue to bring joy to as many people as I possibly can, all around the world. I don’t have any set deadline for when my next album is coming out but it’ll surely be an LP this time. Stay looney-tuned!” The Pin Show is just one week away. Haven’t bought your tickets? Click here to join us on the runway. Image 1 courtesy of The Pin Show. Image  2 courtesy of Said Abusad. Image 3 courtesy of Jeremy Biggers. All other images courtesy of individual artists.