Mi Golondrina: A Story In Every Stitch

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Designers throughout the metroplex are making major waves across the nation via new practices within the traditional design process. The brand Mi Golondrina is among many that earned a spotlight in national publication Elle, for their unique take on manufacturing and creating designs that tell stories. Unlike fast-fashion manufacturing, each item in the collection starts in a small village in Mexico and is passed through a series of artisans before the final product is delivered to the Big D. Mi Golondrina continues to work towards telling these stories in the new year to keep Mexican traditions alive and the women in these villages proud.

Designer Cristina Lynch is behind the notable brand. As a child, her earliest memories consisted of dancing to her favorite mariachi band while wearing hand-embroidered clothes. Since then, she has created a process that stitches each memory into vibrant, romantic pieces of clothing.

Read on for our exclusive interview with the designer herself, where we talk tradition, inspiration, and the future of Mi Golondrina!

DFW Style Daily: What separates Mi Golondrina from other brands that represent native traditions and heritage?

“We’re not the only ones, but the relationship we have with our artisan is, in a way, different. We work directly with them directly to make the clothing we sell. Working so closely with the community, you begin to understand the capabilities that allow growth within and outside of it.”

Can you explain the process(es) that you go through to create such unique designs?

“It’s not a factory we’re working with, but women who may be taking care of children at home or have another job. We meet with the artisans and we provide the fabric that is then cut and distributed to the next set of hands. Then, the embroidery is put on to the dress, so the artisan can know where to embroider it. We have gorgeous iron stamps that press into the fabric and lay in the sun to dry. The top part is sent to another artisan group that does hand crochets and the bottom is sent to one that does threading. After it’s pressed and washed, it’s sent to us. It’s a labor of love and a piece that has a lot of hands touch it.”


We recently saw you in Elle, how does it feel to gain national recognition?

“It feels amazing! I think were an awesome team. My co-worker, Loren made it happen, so I think what’s been really neat is that it’s not just me. It’s the community and family we’ve created with such wonderful women who I love working with every day. We’re excited as a group because it means growth and we want to continue to employ women in Dallas and Mexico.”

Where do you find most of your inspiration for the designs?

“We’re most inspired by our customers. We intentionally send directly to customers because their feedback is so valuable and truly what will help us grow, so I would say that first and what we see artisans making.”

It’s a New Year! So, what plans do you have for Mi Golondrina?

“We’re going to be working really hard this year. We’re working on eight new designs, so this year we’ll be doing that with all sorts of products and get to explain to customers the work and story behind it. It’s also a year for us to do more events outside of Texas, so we’re going to North Carolina and New Orleans for the first time with more pop-ups across the nation.”

Images courtesy of Mi Golondrina.

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