Embrace Your Curves With Dia&Co’s Styling Service

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All my plus-size ladies out there know how hard it can be to find outfits that fit right, look right, and stay true to who you are. I have always struggled to find that perfect pair of jeans or that cute dress for date night, sound familiar? Well, a new-to-Dallas company is here to take the stress and hassle out of shopping for you. Founded in 2014 in NYC, Dia&Co is a subscription styling service for women who wear sizes 14+. Each customer is matched with a stylist who sends her personalized, curated boxes of clothes chosen to fit her body, her budget, and her style based off a series of questions and their social media. Dia&Co is one of the fastest-growing fashion startups in the United States and is launching their second branch here in Dallas. We were lucky enough to try out a box and talk to community manager Ashby Vose, who is a plus-size model herself, about their plans for their future and their business style!


DFW Style Daily: What’s next after taking over NYC and now Dallas?

“We are focusing on Dallas and New York right now, but we plan on expanding into other markets as we grow. We want to bring the absolute best experience to our customers so perfecting our service and building a special community around Dia is taking precedence over hastily moving into other cities. We are only two years old, so this is just the beginning!”

I loved the surprise of getting an anonymous style box, but other customers may not. How else can clients browse Dia&Co products online and know what to expect?

“We have noticed that is sometimes a concern among our customers. We actually spent some time meeting with customers in the Dallas area this week to determine where we can improve the customer experience. Until we unwrap those surprises, we love it when our customer tags us on social media in her favorite Dia outfits! In fact, we even have a company-wide Good Karma email that goes out daily with pictures and stories our customers have tagged us in about their style journey.”


Have you considered partnering with some high-profile plus-size models? It’s refreshing to see that women are now embracing their shape and being confident in their own skin. I’ve personally started looking up to models like Ashley Graham, for example.

“We have worked with several high profile bloggers and models and we love every minute of it! Belonging to a community that has such a passion for women is incredibly empowering for us as a company as well as for our customer, and we are happy to be at the helm of the movement.”

To get your own Dia&Co box, set up your style profile at www.dia.com and get your personalize outfits sent to you in no time.

Images courtesy of Shabby Talebi.

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