Best In Dallas: Web Series Host And Blogger Dalila Thomas Knows A Thing Or Two About Dallas Gems

We love a list and a Best In Dallas list is even better! Today, web series host and blogger Dalila Thomas is here to let us in on a few of Dallas’ tastiest gems, underrated artists and more. IMG_7954 (1) Dallas dweller Dalila Thomas loves to write, think and dream about food. As a CW 33's "Leftovers" web personality, "Starving On A Budget" blogger and the producer of her very own food show “Chew On This,” she’s lucky enough to make a living off her tasty obsession. Dallas is chock full of buzzworthy restaurants, but Dalila’s favs fly under the radar. This St. Louis native has embraced Dallas as her home, and all the finger-lickin’ food our fine city has to offer. Read on for Dalila’s Best In Dallas list, jam-packed with not only her foodie favs but her picks for art and more. o

On The Move: Las Colinas 

Dalila may be biased, but to keep active she prefers to stay close to home. “Not everyone talks about this area,” she told us, “and I get it. It’s not the poppin’ place for entertainment.” Why does the local reporter love her new hometown of Las Colinas? “The trails and lakes make for nice scenery during a run!”  desmond-blair2-1

Artistic Addiction: Desmond Blair 

Working in television enables Dalila to discover the best Dallas has to offer.  One day, she came across the work of a local artist with a very special gift, the ability to produce incredible works of art against all odds. “I had the pleasure of interviewing him a year or so ago and I’ve been obsessed with his work ever since,” said Dalila. “Being able to paint well is a gift, but to do it without hands? That’s special.” With a Masters of Fine Arts from UTD, Desmond now touches people with his creative gift as a teacher.  mc-allentown-art-museum-african-american-20150314

Brain Candy: African American Museum of Dallas 

Dalila shares a common interest with our last Best In Dallas interviewee Cordelia Tullous when it comes to art.  With a mission of preserving and showing art representing the African American community, we can see why it’s one of Dalila’s favorite hidden gems. “Art museums, in general, are great, but going to look at pieces that make you think and connect to your heritage is fulfilling,” she told us.  IMG_6855

Foodie Favorite: BBQ 

One foodie fav wasn't enough for this die-hard local food fanatic, so we let her have three. Dalila’s go-to BBQ spot Smokey John's is treasured for more than just its delectable meats. “Yes the ribs and brisket are awesome,” she told us of the juicy carnivorous plates, “but the sides are just as great which I think is very important. There’s nothing more disappointing than bomb brisket paired with mac and cheese that’s trash.” Located on W. Mockingbird Lane, this down-home eatery has specialized in hickory-smoked BBQ, burgers, salads, and soul food since 1976. 2B301F83-324C-4F47-B11C-916CE3D14121

Foodie Favorite: Tacos 

“This is not your average taco spot,” Dalila said, “maybe that’s why I like it so much.” Taco shack Tacos La Banqueta has had locals raving over its authentic corn tortillas and perfect street tacos, sans frills. “It’s cash only, super chill. My boyfriend and I will occasionally grab a to-go order and eat it off the trunk of the car.”  dallas-city-guide-what-to-eat-rodeo-goat-burger

Foodie Favorite: Burgers 

Located on Market Center Blvd. and with a second location in Fort Worth, burger haven Rodeo Goat is the perfect foodie hangout with dozens of creative takes on the American legend. Dalila recommends the Mike Rawlings burger with its “blackberry compote that brings the perfect amount of sweet and savory” to the dish. The hand-cut fries are to-die-for according to this Dallas transplant. “I’m getting hungry just thinking about them,” Dalila said, “and their weekend menu has $3 mimosas. You really can’t beat that.”  Image 1 courtesy of Dalila Thomas. Image 2 courtesy of BlackDoctor. Image 3 courtesy of Cameron Clement. Image 4 courtesy of The Morning Call. Image 5 courtesy of Yelp. Image 6 courtesy of She Knows. Image 5 courtesy of Big B’s. Image 7 courtesy of Visit Dallas.