Deep Ellum Boutique Jade & Clover Encourages Dallas To Shop Local

14712939_953245644821698_8926723077624819132_o Today, we’re here to dish about a new local shop that’s stolen our hearts. Deep Ellum-based boutique Jade & Clover, an expertly curated lifestyle shop encouraging mindful living, is one of the cutest shops we’ve seen this year. Peruse the succulent greenery before stepping inside this spacious shop, adorned with a garage-style door. To the right you’ll find a succulent bar, filled to the brim with an assortment of semi-precious stones, rocks and moss to adorn the teeniest succulent terrariums. To the left, you’ll find a variety of handmade and eco-conscious gifts, clothing, jewelry, and home décor – made mostly by local makers. "Jade & Clover is a sight for sore eyes," said Shamsy's Shamsy Roomiani, "the shop represents nothing but opportunity and community, which is something that Dallas creatives has been needing for a while." 14682095_953245041488425_8973249624701972298_o Bohemian shop owner Giselle Ruggeberg clearly thought about the details when designing her new store. From top to bottom, it’s just plain adorable. Housing local brands such as Lily + Oak Design, Folksie, B Stellar, and Moon Rivers Natural, the shop makes a point to support Dallas makers. Read on for our interview with Deep Ellum’s newest Girl Boss! "Stores like Jade & Clover are crucial to our growth and identity as a city, offering exposure for local talent, as well as a venue for those in and out of town to enjoy what Dallas has to offer from its creative class,” said Folksie’s Julie McCullough. “Giselle has really taken what many of us have started, perfected it and elevated it to a new level." 14691322_953245514821711_4906453236506247511_o DFW Style Daily: Tell us more about why you want to support Dallas' local makers. Giselle: “When you support local, you support the community. By doing this, we are growing the community to shop local in Deep Ellum. There is something magical about knowing where your products come from and the story behind them.” How did you come up with the idea behind the succulent bar? “I wanted to have something that brings all different types of people together. The most beautiful thing is to have people of all different ages put their phones down and enjoy putting together a personalized terrarium. In a world that is so technologically driven, it's nice to see people present.” 14711337_953245511488378_7167976138074910753_o Why Deep Ellum? “We love Deep Ellum because of the culture it has. The ability that it has to bring people in from different backgrounds is amazing. When I got the building it was just an abandoned warehouse. Before that, it was an old car garage.” Do you have a background in fashion? “After graduating from Lake Highlands, I took a year off, traveled and realized that I wanted to create something of my own. After coming back from a road trip with friends, I opened up a small retail store, where we only did pop-ups.  After I left that, I opened up a store in SMU. Through my past experiences, I found who I wanted to be and what made me happy. This store is based on people loving people on the idea of the community can come together and grow. Everything in here I genuinely love.” Images courtesy of Jade & Clover.