You Go Girl! Local T-Shirt Line Uses Female Icons To Inspire And Empower

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Dallas-based startup UGauGrrl is offering a very special holiday gift this season. Pronounced “yoo-go-girl,” the local t-shirt line is a fun way to make the woman or girl in your life feel empowered and inspired. Starting this Thanksgiving, UGauGrrl will be offering their line of “wearable inspiration” through next Monday, Dec. 5. Featuring classic, flowy and long-sleeved tees portraying female icons such as Harriet Tubman, Malala Yousafzai and Marie Curie, the t-shirts also feature words of encouragement. Talk about girl power!


“We are excited to offer our t-shirts just in time for the holiday season,” said UGauGrrl co-founder Gauthami Vemula. “In light of everything happening in the world today, our goal is to spread a positive message to women and girls that they can be a force in their corner of the world, no matter their situation or ability.”

Founded by Vemula and Virata earlier this year and soft-launched this fall, UGauGrrl goes hand and hand with the duo’s ongoing #ModernMuse campaign. Highlighting women and girls of all ages, they have plans to continue the social campaign in 2017 and release a new collection of tee designs in the spring.


Ranging from affordable $27 to $37 and offering styles suitable for toddlers, girls and ladies, a portion of proceeds from this season’s t-shirt sales will go towards the Malala Fund, an organization that works to secure a girls’ right to a minimum of 12 years of quality education.

“Our mission is to inspire women and girls to tap into their ‘inner muse’ and find their purpose so they can make their singular impact on the world,” said co-founder Renae Virata. “These shirts are a great way to not only encourage the wearer to believe in themselves but also allow them to inspire others in turn.”

To shop the collection online and to learn more about UGauGrrl, visit

Images courtesy of UGauGrrl.

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