Calling All Fashion Trailblazers: Fashion X Dallas Returns Tonight

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Calling all fashion trailblazers: making its way back to the runways of Dallas-Fort Worth, Fashion X Dallas returns for its third year tonight, Sept. 8. The three-night fashion extravaganza will feature runway shows, cocktails, a red carpet, pop-up shops, and a must-see runway experience! Sponsored by BERNINA of America and presented by Cadillac, the mini “fashion week” is coming to Dallas tonight through Saturday, Sept. 12 at Fashion Industry Gallery (f.i.g.).


This year, the runway will showcase at least nine full runway collections from some of the hottest up-and-coming designers from the DFW Metroplex, stars of Lifetime Television’s hit series “Project Runway,” and emerging designers from around the world. One talented DFW-based designer will again receive the 2016 BERNINA Dallas Fashion Fund to springboard their career in the fashion industry.

Today at DFW Style Daily, we have the all-access SCOOP from the designers themselves on what inspired the collection, how the story was manifested, and more! Featured lines at this year’s event include Binzario Couture by Luis Nazario and Andre Yabin, BATCH NO. 8 by Sarah Speck, Loren Franco Designs by Loren Franco, Nine Muses by Jerry Matthews and Francesca Viamonte, THIS IS SLOANE by Sloane Lenz, and more. Get to know these designers below and we’ll see you on the runway!


Clan of Cro (Thursday)

DFW Style Daily: What is the theme for the SS17 “Girlhood” collection?

“In comparison to my last full collection ‘Lady’ to this collection, ‘Girlhood’ I think the concepts seem to feed off of each other. ‘Girlhood’ really took me back to the root of it all. I began exploring my style influences from the time I was young, looking through old photos of what I gravitated towards myself as a young girl and what the women in my family were wearing. I wanted to be able to spark this feeling of nostalgia and also bring something contemporary and new to the table.”

Binzario Couture (Thursday)

How was creating this collection different from those in the past?

“This season we ventured out and pushed the envelope a bit by creating something that we haven’t done before. We’ve designed a series of hand-embroidered shorts, rompers, pant ensembles, and dusters. We have also separated from our conservative aesthetic and leaned toward a sense of freedom, by creating an array of revealing and transparent looks.”

Loren Franco Designs (Thursday)

How did you come across the term ‘novaturient’ for inspiration?

“I came across ‘novaturient’ through some research. I wanted a collection name that was both unique and reflects me as a designer, life stages, and still tie it into Spring/Summer. As a designer, I strive to better myself in both my profession and personal life, and throughout the years, I’ve learned so much and grown in my ways of thinking and life choices.”



What kind of a revolution does this collection represent?

“To me, this collection represents a revolution of thinking and perception. It bothers me that things like sequins or florals, or most colors, are generally considered only for women. Women can wear pants, but for some reason, most people think guys can’t wear skirts. Both the decades that inspired ‘Collection 4’ definitely pushed the boundaries on what people felt comfortable wearing, so that plays a big role in these pieces. I love the aesthetic of Granny Takes A Trip—the boutique that opened in London in the 60’s. They really blended prints and colors, creating an amazingly mod/psychedelic vibe. I hope to help people feel free, and this collection exudes that energy.”

Nine Muses (Friday)

How did the beauty of nature and insects inspire this collection?

“When combining everything together and finding things that relate to timeless beauty we thought of many sources of inspiration: plants, insects, poetry, and art are all things that always remain beautiful throughout time. With that in mind, we want to always create clothing that relays the same concepts of timeless beauty and versatility. Colors, clean design lines, feminine silhouettes, a mix of structured and fluid fabrics were all created with strong influences in insects and nature.”


BATCH NO. 8 (Saturday)

How did you come across ‘interior influence’ as the inspiration for this collection?

“In addition to being the Owner and Creative Director for BATCH NO. 8, I also have a day job working in design and development for a local home furnishings company. So, the influence of interior design is strong in my everyday life. For me, it is really interesting to explore the relationship between fashion and interiors, as many of the principles are the same; it’s just the execution that varies. For example, in both interior design and fashion, I am drawn to spaces or garments with two levels of appeal. The overall composition lures the eye from a distance, and upon closer inspection, one is able to appreciate the individual elements in a room or details on a garment.”

For more information on the three-day fashion event, or to purchase tickets, visit

Image 1 courtesy of Ferrah, image 2 courtesy of Clan of Cro, image 3 courtesy of THIS IS SLOANE, and image 4 courtesy of Batch No. 8.

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