Best In Dallas: Creative Entrepreneur John-Marshall Stubbs Draws Inspiration From Our City’s Eclectic Offerings

We love a good list, and a Best In Dallas list is even better! Today, John-Marshall Stubbs is here to give us the skinny on his favorite places in Dallas. Read on for John-Marshall's local picks for Korean eats, where to beat the heat, juicy burgers, and more. rsz_curated_jms_headshot Dallas-born and raised, entrepreneur John-Marshall Stubbs was meant to do something creative. Growing up with an art dealer mother had a lot to do with it. Helping his mother out from time to time at her workplace, Kristy Stubbs Gallery in West Highland Park, over the past 25 years ingrained in him a deep appreciation for the arts  - most notably museum-quality period Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art. Working his way up from an art handler to an art dealer and manager alongside his mother was no easy job. John-Marshall set off to earn his MBA in at Babson University with a focus on Entrepreneurship, ultimately deciding that he wanted to create an art-centric product that could blend both of his passions. The result? Curated Clothing Co., a line of American-made swimwear worthy of collecting and adorned with artwork from creatives around the world. Each artist brings his or her own style to the brand, making it an eclectic mix of rotating products that he now offers on his online shop. Read on for John-Marshall's Best In Dallas list! Yelp

Foodie Favorite: Seoul Garden 

"The best foodie experience you’ll have in Dallas is Seoul Garden," John-Marshall told us. His tip to not just trying Korean food but immersing yourself in the culture? "Get a large group together for their Korean BBQ. Drink Soju, while grilling your shared meats in the middle of the table and create lettuce tacos with the accompanying plethora of side dishes and garnishes. My mouth is drooling." Located in the heart of Korea Town in Dallas, the mom-and-pop restaurant specializes in Korean BBQ and a variety of different Korean dishes like Soon Do Bu and Bibimbap. Tom Hoitsma

Artistic Addiction: Kristy Stubbs Gallery

"I love being in the gallery when a new crate of work arrives," John-Marshall tells us of his serious artistic addiction. "We have artworks coming and going for clients from around the world. [Opening a crate] is more exciting than opening a present on Christmas morning, even though the artwork isn't mine." In particular, the young entrepreneur is looking forward to hosting a special art show for an emerging Dallas artist, Tom Hoitsma, on Sept. 22. "Dallas has a growing culture of artists and creatives that I'm fortunate enough to be friends with," he said. "Being in that culture is my addiction."


Cocktail Culture: Cosmo's

After a long day at the gallery or collaborating with artists on his newest design, John-Marshall likes to unwind at East Dallas' eclectic retro style bar and lounge, Cosmo's. "Most often you'll find me as Cosmo's," he told us, "where the drinks are stiff and the company makes you fee like you're on vacation in the heart of Dallas." The bar's unique sense of style characterizes the popular Lakewood lounge, chock full of an incredible array of vintage décor like groovy lamps, a faux fireplace and kitschy furniture. Ms Cooks Alot

I Heart Dallas: Burger House

Being a creative entrepreneur means traveling often. When he's missing home, John-Marshall craves the local favorite the Burger House's old-fashioned burgers, crispy seasoned fries and milkshakes. "Burger House tends to be my local favorite," he told us. "Whenever I leave Dallas for too long, a double-double is always the perfect thing to come home to." The award-winning burger joint's original location on Hillcrest has been serving up home-cooked eats since 1951. PWPLA

Brain Candy: Nasher Sculpture Center

John-Marshall draws creative inspiration from regular visits to the Nasher Sculpture Center, the gorgeous local roofless museum boasting the sculpture collection of Raymond and Pasty Nasher outdoors. "The Nasher Sculpture Center with [its] gift shop [is] a great spot for me to soak in ideas and get my wheels turning," he told us. "Art has always been the most inspiring fixation in my life." Image 1 courtesy of John-Marshall Stubbs. Image 2 courtesy of Tom Hoitsma. Image 3 courtesy of Seoul Garden Dallas. Image 4 courtesy of Wallpapers Craft.  Image 5 courtesy of Ms Cooks A Lot. Image 6 courtesy of PWPLA.