Our Favorite Fashion Moments From Team U.S.A.

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It’s the most patriotic event we look forward to every 4 years: The Summer Olympics. Despite recent reports of what’s happening in the hosting city, the Olympics will indeed take place in Rio de Janeiro with the opening ceremony taking place tomorrow evening. It’s become a tradition for individuals and families all around the country to crowd around their TV to watch their country take home the gold in whatever sport they’re participating in. However, it’s also been a tradition to keep up with what our favorite Olympians are wearing. Despite it not happening intentionally, the Olympics have become one of the most talked about fashion events of the year.


Some of the biggest designers have contributed uniforms for teams at the Olympics over the years. Who could forget when Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms for the USA Olympic athletes in 2008, or when Giorgio Armani designed the uniforms for Italy? The Olympics have given us so many style moments over the years. In honor of the opening ceremony that is taking place tonight, here are some of our favorite stylish moments from Team USA.

1984: Team USA


Team USA went for a very country-inspired look for the Olympics in 1984. Levi Strauss provided the uniforms for the team that year who rocked cowboy hats, shearling jackets, and the classic Levi’s blue jeans.

1988: Florence Griffith-Joyner


At the ‘88 Seoul Olympics, sprinter Joyner absolutely slayed this hooded leotard. It was chic, yet practical. Could it be the reason she brought home the Gold for Team America that year?

1996: Team USA Swim Team


In 1996, the US swim team wore one piece swimsuits with a light and dark blue striped design. The swimsuits were provided by Speedo, who used a fabric that was made from chlorine-resistant polyester and spandex for the swimsuits.

2008: Team USA Gymnastics Team


In 2008, our gymnastics team dazzled us in their metallic red leotards, with silver detailing. Though they took home the silver medal, this was definitely a first place look.

2012: Team USA


In 2012, Team USA did a complete 180 their country style aesthetic that they were going for in the 80s, and opted for a more crisp and polished look. Who better to design this look than Ralph Lauren?

2012: Sanya Richards-Ross


Sanya looked amazing in her red 2-piece uniform that was designed by Nike. However, it was her accessories that caught our attention. Winning the 4×400 relay final while rocking Chanel earrings? Iconic.

2012: The Fierce Five

adidas London 2012 Lounge At Westfield

In 2012, our gymnastics team was affectionately nicknamed the “Fierce Five” and it’s easy to see why. Not only did these girls pick up a gold medal win, they also looked great doing it. Here, the fierce five are rocking some very patriotic leotards that were provided by Adidas.

2012: Ralph Lauren Returns


Sorry, no berets this time! The Ralph Lauren brand screams American and this year’s opening ceremony looks are red, white, and blue all over. Blazers, nautical striped shirts, white pants, and boat shoes will be worn on Team USA’s athletes this evening. The American designer is breaking out all the stops, including an electroluminescent paneled blazer with the words “USA” emblazoned in its design.

“Our job is to make the moment memorable,” Lauren said. “So you’re looking at a sea of red, white, and blue, and you feel proud.”

Olympic fashion is becoming more and more prominent as time goes on. With 2012 seemingly being the most fashionable year yet, we can’t wait to see what the 2016 Olympics have in store for us. Make sure you tune into the Olympic Opening Ceremony happening tonight on NBC to support your favorite team and check out the new fashions. To purchase similar looks from Speedo USA, the brand behind Team U.S.A.’s looks, click here.

Images Courtesy of: USAGym, E!Online, Marie Claire, The Telegraph, Ralph Lauren, and Bloomberg.

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