The Soulful Gypsy’s Slice Of Fashion

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At DFW Style Daily, we love women entrepreneurs and are always on the lookout for unique fashion offerings. Presenting the latest in our search, Amber Paschal of The Soulful Gypsy fashion truck. Yep, you heard it right. It’s a truck filled with cute, fashionable clothes and accessories that Amber drives around Fort Worth. On a warm Texas summer day, we tracked down Amber’s truck and grilled her (pun intended) about The Soulful Gypsy and its fashion offerings.


DFW Style Daily: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Amber: “I am a native Texan who grew up in Azel. I come from a family of entrepreneurs—my father owns an automotive repair shop; my mother is a realtor. After finishing college in interior design and hair styling, I styled hair for six years in downtown Fort Worth. My husband Cody and I have been married for nine years and have an amazing three-year-old son, Clutch Burton.”

What was the inspiration behind The Soulful Gypsy?

“I guess I have always been a bit of a gypsy. Cody and I moved to North Dakota for a while and we traveled a lot during that time. After moving back to Fort Worth to start our family, I needed a creative outlet for my passion for fashion. I opened an online boutique but after a year and a half, we started thinking of a brick and mortar shop. But we knew we may have to move again because of Cody’s job and I didn’t want to invest in putting down serious roots in real estate space. A fashion truck was the perfect solution to a shop on wheels that could travel with us wherever we went.”


What kind of clothes and fashion accessories do you carry on the truck?

“I carry an eclectic bohemian collection of women’s clothing and accessories as well as retro, grunge, glam, and rock n roll. I love mixing basics with beautifully detailed pieces and it reflects in the collection I carry. I also take pride in carrying a couple of Fort Worth local brands like Morgan Mercantile’s Panther City goods and Love, Violet Jewelry’s beaded bracelets.”


What is your inventory selection based on—personal preference, customer demand or fashion trend?

“I am all about choosing clothes that make me happy. At the same time, I am not afraid to try and wear new trends that spark my interest. When choosing inventory for The Soulful Gypsy, I try to stay as true to myself as possible because I feel that’s what makes my shop so special.”


What are your favorite trends for summer and fall?

“I love tie-up and keyhole necklines, high-waist shorts and skorts as well as strappy bralettes for our Texas summers. I am super excited for fall and can’t wait to introduce sweater crop tops, chokers, printed bell-bottom in fresh colors and corduroy.”

How does a fashion truck work when it comes to trying out clothes as well as returning or exchanging merchandise?

“I have a small fitting room inside the truck to try on clothing. Customers are able to ship any items that don’t work to my online shop. They can also search my social media page on Facebook and Instagram to find out where my truck will be parked next week to make an exchange.”

How do your customers react to shopping in a fashion truck?

“Women get really excited about the experience of shopping in a truck. It is a 1980 Ford Grumman Step Van with no power steering so most men are intrigued by the body of the truck and the intricate details of the design inside. Everyone is always surprised that I drive the big truck around. An interesting trivia: in its previous life, The Soulful Gypsy was a Mrs. Baird’s truck that sat in an empty field for years. It was an empty box before Cody and I refurbished it, with the help of some of our friends. I have named it ‘Merle.’”


How do you keep your customers coming back?

“The Soulful Gypsy offers beautiful fashion pieces at reasonable prices and hanging out at super awesome avenues. I also keep rotating my inventory and introducing new pieces every week. What’s not to love?”

Intrigued and interested in checking out The Soulful Gypsy’s eclectic offerings? Find out where it will be parked any week by checking out its Instagram and Facebook page.

Images courtesy of The Soulful Gypsy.

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