TREND ALERT: Kendall + Kylie’s Swimwear Collab With Topshop Is Fire

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The dynamic Jenner sisters’ launched their exclusive Topshop swimwear collab called Kendall + Kylie today. For the new line, the sisters set out to capture the “beachy LA summer vibe” they grew up in. Of course, they had to put their own twist to it to make it unique and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the collection of summer bikinis, swimsuits, and cover-ups the girls have created for the uber-fashionable retailer. And just like everything else the sisters create, the swimsuit line is sure to be HOT this season.

If you’ve missed out on the teasers flooding their social media (hello, Snapchat!), here’s your inside scoop on what is soon to be this summer’s hottest swimwear trend.


While their social media posts in the past few weeks have teased the Jenner sisters in figure-flattering pieces from their new collection, the 37-piece collection also caters to different swimwear needs. For the sporty chic look go with bright neoprene and logo waistbands bikinis or try the foil metallics, neon leopard prints, and cut-out glamorous details for a more girl power look, there’s something for everyone. Cover-ups include rompers and skirts highlighting neon colors and fringe details. Let’s just say they’re social media-worthy!


“We picked a lot of bold shades and prints to create the line and make it unique,” Kylie told PeopleStyle.

It’s clear that the two sisters have different personal styles (and body types!), with Kendall’s casual, sporty look and Kylie’s edgy, alternative taste. However, they make the perfect pair when it comes to the creative process of editing and refining each other’s ideas. How else would we be graced with their exclusive twist on swimwear?

They even kept their fans in mind by pricing the entire collection at an affordable price range starting at $35 and only going as high as $85.

“Whether you’re swimming, sunbathing or surfing – we designed each piece with having fun in mind,” says Kylie.

Kendall + Kylie is available in all Topshop locations worldwide (that’s right, head to your local NorthPark location to snag a look from the collection) and online starting today, June 9th and if the buzz is anything like Kylie’s latest lip kits, get your wallets ready!

Images courtesy of Topshop.

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