Today Is National Macaron Day! How To Make The Sweet Treats + Macaron-Inspired Buys

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Attention all foodies: May 31 just might be the most delicious day of the summer. Why? Because today is National Macaron Day. In order to celebrate our favorite French pastry, DFW Style Daily visited Savor Patisserie, aka our new favorite macaron bakery, to learn how to make the perfect macaron, and to get more insight on the history behind these adorable treats! Read on for a taste of our baking experience, plus macaron-inspired goodies to celebrate today’s holiday. 

Making macarons

On one of the many corners of The Shops at Park Lane, sits Savor Patisserie. Though the pop-up shop is within the parameters of the more popular stores, like Forever 21 Red and Old Navy, the smaller bakery manages to stand out from its neighbors with its open design and retro black and white theme. Inside you will find large windows, tables, a display of the fresh macarons they currently have for sale, cute macaron-inspired decorations, and two women behind the main counter with friendly smiles on their faces, ready to help out any customer who walks in, and give them a proper macaron experience. One of these women was Kelli Watts, creator and head chef of Savor Patisserie, and also an amazing macaron-making instructor! 


It turns out making the classic French cookie isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of precision and accuracy involved in making these treats. From the beginning when you’re weighing the ingredients (being slightly over or under the required weight could mess up the cookie), to the halfway point when you’re making the shells (you have to place them just right on the mat so the shells don’t crack), all the way to the end when you’re placing the filling in the shells (you have to have just the right amount of filling), you always have to be very observant with what you’re doing. The class of 14 was split up into 3 groups and the extra help was definitely needed! The class was a fun learning experience that I will definitely never forget. I recommend the class to all macaron lovers and first-time macaron tasters. Plus, if you want to have a tad bit more fun, the class is BYOB for all of you 21 and up-ers. Classes are $65.00 and you can sign up for them here. On this sweet national holiday, we appreciate the macaron and the art of making it a little bit more. 

Not able to get any macarons for the holiday, or is just simply eating macarons not nearly enough? Here are some macaron-inspired items that we love almost as much as the real thing. 

For the Makeup Maven…

nyxmacaronlippies                           toofacedsugarpop                          ItsSkinmacaronlipbalm

NYX Macaron Lippies $5.99                       Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Palette $36            It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm $10


For the Pampered Princess…

Rose Jam Bubbleroon                     Latika Macaron Soaps                          Voluspa Macaron Scented Candle

Lush “Bubbleroons” $8.95                           Latika Macaron Soap Set $14.40         Voluspa Macaron Scented Candle $27


For the Accessory Addict…

Macaron Neckalace                      Macaron Jewlery Boxes                              Macaron Key Chain

Macaron Necklace $12.60                               Macaron Jewelry Box $9.99                               Macaron Key Chain $6.50

Macaron images courtesy of Savor Patisserie. NYX Macaron Lippie in Rose image courtesy of Ulta. Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Palette and It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm in Grape images courtesy of Sephora. Rose Jam Bubbleroon image courtesy of Lush. French Macaron Soap Set image courtesy of Latika Body Essentials. Valuspa Macaron Scented Candles image courtesy of Macaron Necklace image courtesy of Etsy. Macaron Jewelty Box image courtesy of Macaron Key Chain image courtesy of Alli Express.

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