UPDATE: Award-Winning Designer Prashi Shah To Debut New Collection At One Arts Plaza’s First-Ever Runway Show

The Dallas Design District's One Arts Plaza has been a-buzz after a series of recent art exhibits, events, and foodie happenings. On Friday, June 17 (the show was delayed from the original date of June 3 due to inclement weather) a very different show is set to take place at the $125 million multi-use structure downtown. Award-winning couture designer, Prashi Shah of the local brand Prashe will present her 2016 ready to wear and couture runway show at the space, in the form of One Arts Plaza's first-ever runway show produced by Jan Strimple Productions. Read on for the inside scoop on Shah's newest collections and an interview with the designer herself. Starting at 7 p.m., the designer will showcase her line of contemporary and Eastern-eclectic designs, known for signature hand embroidery, vibrant patterns, luxurious linens and fine silks. The elaborate 50+ model show will feature the exquisite pieces in an over-the-top outdoor runway show designed around the Plaza fountain. Marking her return to the Dallas fashion scene after the birth of her twin girls with her largest and most dramatic show yet, the show will also feature a special performance by the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Prashe_1-2-copy DFW Style Daily: What was the inspiration this year behind your couture and ready-to-wear lines? Prashi Shah: "The inspiration for this collection is really the women I’m surrounded by. This line is going to be very special for us this year because we’re putting a lot more into this collection in terms of styling, fabrication, colors, models, the whole set design. This is probably the largest show we’ve done in all our 10 years we’ve been in the fashion business." Is there a specific theme, such as a color or silhouette, that you're following with this show? " I think that we are going a bit more contemporary this year and we picked a very architecturally contemporary venue with One Arts Plaza. It’s very modern and it’s very artsy. I will tell you that I think the architecture has a lot to do with it." How has your design style and the way you look at fashion changed since becoming a mother? "Now I want to put money into something I can keep, I can actually hang on to, something that is quality. I have so many events to attend throughout the year and I look at a lot of our clients and they have the same thing. Their agendas are filled with so many parties and business events and travel, so they’re always looking for pieces that make them stand out. People are not looking for the plain black dress anymore. I think that they’re looking for something beyond that." Do you feel like the décor and events side of your business, Prashe Décor, has an influence on your fashion line and vice versa? "Yes, absolutely. I think both lines cross over daily. There are inspirations we'll pull from a luxury tablescape or even our florals. Sometimes it could be the color, it could be the way it's laid out, sometimes it’s the style or silhouette of something that inspires us for our fashion line. There are a lot of times where we’ve used these beautiful gowns and we take a piece from that, could be colors or embellishment, and we’ll transfer that to a table cloth or maybe a backdrop or a set design. Clients love being able to come into our showroom and see fashion and events all under one roof." Prashe What is your connection to the Dallas Black Dance Theatre and how were they chosen as the beneficiary of this show? "Dance is something that has been a part of my life since I was a child. It is absolutely one thing that I would never part with. To me, it was a very special charity to bring on board and if we can support anything in the Arts District, we surely will. Dance is just another form of art. Just like fashion is a wearable art, this is the art of dance and then we have the interior art, these visions that we’ve put together. I think they’re all somewhat parallel." Do you have an item in your close that you consider to be your absolute favorite piece? "Yes, I do and it changes all the time. That’s one of the perks when you’re a designer. When it comes to clothes I get to make anything I want. Every week we design something new on a whim in a beautiful fabric from across the world. There’s a piece that I’m absolutely in love with. I love it now and I’m sure I’ll make something new in a couple of weeks and I’ll love that." What accessory can you never leave the house without? "Oh, yes, a handbag. I have to have a handbag from one of my favorite designers, always. I’m completely bag-obsessed." With your family’s background in the textile industry, have you found that there’s a specific textile that really speaks to you? "I’m a big, big fan of French Chantilly lace, although we don’t do a lot of it in our ready to wear collections because it is very expensive. We tend to use it only for our brides and custom orders. My other favorite is printed silk. I absolutely love the way [it falls]." How can people get their hands on your clothes? "Currently, we sell at 163 Oak Lawn, which is our flagship store. And we’ve just launched our e-commerce at Prashe.com!" For more information on Prashi Shah and her collections, visit Prashe.com. Pre-sale tickets to the Prashe Fashion Show can be purchased in advance at Prashe.com/events. A portion of proceeds will benefit the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Images courtesy of Prashi Shah.