Best in Dallas: Street Style Squad’s Tiffany Davros Talks Healthy Lunches, Historic Dallas Landmarks, And More!

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We love a list and a Best In Dallas list is even better! Today, blogger Tiffany Davros reveals her FAV healthy lunch spot, Austin-inspired cocktails, the best workouts in town, and more: 


Lifestyle blogger Tiffany Davros grew up in the local fashion scene. Her mother, Sue Wade Tortoriello, was a model at Neiman Marcus and started fashion merchandising and design school Wade College in 1962 right here in Dallas. Tiffany was inspired to continue the family legacy with her husband Harry as the leaders of Wade after her mother won the coveted Fashion Group International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. Before creating Street Style Squad, she noticed that all of her favorite fashion blogs were written by women in their 20s and 30s. Seizing an open niche in the marketplace, Tiffany started a blog written from the perspective of a woman in her 40s. Today, Street Style Squad is geared towards a life-loving, style conscious, active woman who is passionate about fashion, a healthy lifestyle, travel and living a full, authentic, and joyful life.

Read on for Tiffany’s Best In Dallas list including home décor, fitness meccas, historic Dallas landmarks that are near and dear to her heart, and more!


Foodie Favorite: Southpaws Organic Café

When it comes to lunch, Tiffany is a creature of habit. When you find the perfect healthy meal, you tend to stick with it. “You will almost always find me enjoying lunch at Southpaws,” she said of the organic Preston Center restaurant, “so much that they named a menu item after me – the Tiffany’s Avocado Bowl.” Tasty smoothies, salads, and sandwiches made with sustainable, organic ingredients are her thing! Plus, it’s open all day, seven days a week to satisfy her healthy food fix.

Blue Print

Décor Destination: Blue Print

Good taste and a style are ingrained in Tiffany’s lifestyle and it’s pretty clear she has a knack for items that would make every Pinner proud, even in her home décor choices. “Like they say – three times the charm,” said Tiffany of building their third home in 2014, “today it is truly my dream house.” She enlisted Leslie Jenkins, an interior designer from her favorite local furniture store, Blue Print. A paradise of furniture, art, antiques, lighting, and accessories, the shop is housed inside a darling little white house on Fairmount. Conceived by five friends, one being the couple’s designer Leslie, Blue Print was responsible for designing their new home from top to bottom. “If you need anything for your home or are wanting to give a fabulous gift, you should definitely stop by,” stated Tiffany.


Cocktail Culture: Austin Cocktails

“Everyone knows I believe in being as good to your body as you can,” stated Tiffany when we asked her about local libations, “but life’s no fun without a vice or at least a little break from routine every once and a while.” Her cheat day vice is owned by two sisters from the Big D, Austin Cocktails. Made with five-times distilled vodka or premium blanco tequila, the pre-batched craft cocktails “make having a complex drink as easy as pouring yourself a glass of wine or beer,” exclaimed Tiffany. Always conscious of what’s going into her body, she loves that the nifty drinks (available for purchase locally at Total Wine, Siegel’s, Goody Goody, and PK’s) are mixed with all-natural herbs like mint and basil, fresh fruit juices, and a splash of organic agave nectar. Did we mention they’re low calorie? These Austin-inspired cocktails sound too good to be true.


Brain Candy: Wade College’s Creative Thinkers Lecture Series

Being Sue Wade’s daughter has its perks. Tiffany is very involved in the college’s programs and especially loves Wade College’s Creative Thinkers Lecture Series. Why? Because it’s a fun way to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the fashion industry. “Through this series of lectures, it is Wade College’s mission to educate individuals in the ever-evolving fields of merchandising and design by reaching beyond the classroom,” Tiffany stated. Wade partners with leading industry experts to produce these informative events, lectures, and demos bi-monthly for free. We’re looking forward to checking out the next one!


I Heart Dallas: Pegasus Flying Horse

“For me this one’s easy,” exclaimed Tiffany when we asked her to name her favorite Dallas landmark, “it has to be the Pegasus, not only because of its historical significance to the Dallas skyline, but because my own grandfather, Bill Wade, came all the way from Muskogee, OK to help install it atop the roof of the Magnolia Building back in 1934.” Hanging the horse was risky 450 feet above the street, but Tiffany’s grandfather was determined to risk it all to create Dallas’ first city skyscraper. “It will forever be the citizens of Dallas’ Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower,” stated Tiffany of the flying red horse that’s now located at the Omni Dallas Hotel.


On The Move: Mix It Up

“I truly enjoy working out!” said Tiffany, who loves getting fit with her hubby through weekly personal training sessions with The Studio’s Mike Scaccia. “Mike isn’t your average trainer,” exclaimed Tiffany of Mike, who whips even professional athletes into shape like Emmitt Smith and Dallas Maverick Michael Finley, “he is knowledgeable in all aspects of health, whether it’s diet, exercise, supplements, or vitamins. You name it, he can educate you.” A kindred spirit, Tiffany likes to mix it up by taking weekly classes at Equinox Highland Park or Studio 6‘s intense celebrity-inspired Pilates Reformer classes. “I believe that you should never get bored with your workouts,” Tiffany said. Looking at Tiffany’s toned bod, we can see she’s onto something.

Avocado bowl image courtesy of Nutritionist in the Kitchen. Cocktail image courtesy of Austin Cocktails. Wade image courtesy of Wade College. Pegasus image courtesy of Michael B Thomas. All other images courtesy of Tiffany Davros.

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