Designing Jewelry For The Soul: Spotlight On Thoughtful Jewelry Designer Deepa Lal

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Dallas-based designer Deepa Lal brings a little piece of her world travels to the Metroplex with her latest line of thoughtful jewelry, Breathe Deep Designs. Discovered by the DFW Style Daily team at this year’s FleaStyle, the collection celebrates global symbols of peace and togetherness with unique and meaningful accessories. According to Lal, her inspiration comes “from travels around the world –– India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Egypt.” In a nutshell, the designer is creating “jewelry for the soul.” As soon as we spotted the wide array of colorful jewelry at Lal’s booth, we were sold. Read on for more on Breathe Deep Designs and Lal’s journey as a designer after leaving her 9-to-5 IT job in the dust. 


Her primary collection the Breathe Deep Collection of World Traveler Jewelry is ancient-meets-modern and completely versatile. Each earthy piece has a unique personality, each tassel and bead a welcome addition to any outfit. Lal’s  bohemian designs feature symbols of Ganesha, the Wheel of Life, Om, the Hand of God to Ethiopian Coptic Crosses and prayers, aiming to ground, protect and connect the wearer with the deeper meaning within. Her second Breathe Deep line is a more simplistic version of the original collection, highlighting precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Pure Silver, and 22 Karat Gold over Sterling. Finally, Lal’s EXHALE Collection (featured below) combines these same precious metals with less expensive materials at a lower price point.

Lal started Breathe Deep Designs as an outlet for a hectic lifestyle as an IT Consultant. A few years ago, she made the decision to trade in that lifestyle to become a full-time designer. After a few high-end boutiques in Dallas started carrying her collection, Lal pitched it to the Crow Collection of Asian Art. They decided to carry her designs in their museum shop. Shortly after, she approached the Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth and her “dream came true” when they accepted to sell her jewelry at their shop.


Since then, Lal has expanded and launched a high-end southwest inspired collection of precious stones, the Tejas Collection, currently carried in all Pinto Ranch stores. Soon after, she launched two additional collections: The Bhakti (Devotion) Collection, that has a strong spiritual base and The Devi (Goddess) Collection, a fine jewelry collection of champagne pave diamonds and other precious stones. “I hope my customers love them as much as I enjoy making them,” Lal said.

With several unique jewelry lines under her belt, Lal continues to create beautiful pieces that soothe the soul, containing similar symbolic aesthetics. She has a knack for choosing the prettiest high-quality semi-precious stones. The former IT Consultant was smart in thinking to offer something for every type of shopper. We look forward to the next collection of jewels from Lal. Until next time…Namaste. 

Images courtesy of Deepa Lal.

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