Is This The Future Of Fashion? NorthPark’s Polo Ralph Lauren Launches Interactive Fitting Rooms

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Oak Labs, a San-Francisco-based tech startup, is giving fitting rooms a seriously awesome digital makeover. The company recently rolled out a new concept last week right here in DFW: smart fitting rooms, which you can find first at Polo Ralph Lauren at NorthPark Center.

According to Oak Lab founders, 30-40 percent of consumers don’t have an enjoyable fitting room experience. Flashbacks of harsh lighting and awkward-angled mirrors come to mind. Shoppers can now experience transformed and elevated technology at Polo Ralph Lauren’s fitting rooms – it all sounds very “smart.”

It’s actually pretty simple. Grab some clothes to try on and pop into a fitting room at the store. The fitting room automatically detects what merchandise you brought in and will display them on a touch-screen mirror.


Next, try on the clothes you brought in. Need a different size or color? Just tap on the mirror about what you need, which will send a signal to the fitting room attendant. The mirrors will also show complementary accessories to pair with your outfit and display stylist’s suggestions for the best look for you! Is anyone else thinking of Cher’s closet from “Clueless”? 

Consumers can also choose to send a summary of all the items in their fitting room to their phone through a text message that connects to an e-commerce web link. Purchase now or later!


While in the fitting room, you can also adjust the lighting and choose from several scenes including “Fifth Avenue Daylight,” “East Hampton Sunset” and “Evening at the Polo Bar.” The developers seem to have everyone in mind because shoppers can also change the language displayed to English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian.

This type of dialogue between consumers and store associates elevates Polo to a new level of streamlined service. Is this where retail technology is going next? We think that it means big things for the future of retail – a more intuitive, productive, and personal version of customer service. Try it out next time you’re at the store and let us know what you think!

Image 1 courtesy of Oak Labs. Image 2 courtesy of Google Images from the movie “Clueless.”

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