West African Beauty Fatmata Kargbo Sets Her Sights On International Success

I enjoy modeling so much and because of I've found more confidence in myself.”- Fatmata Kargbo

10926836_634627106664549_9033508136824954178_o Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series goes beyond the runways to get to know top models on a personal level. Our interviews with Myles CrosbyDonny BoazCarlotta LennoxDaniel CrouchSirisha ReddyAtti WorkuTracy RipsinRoxanna Redfoot, and many more, have captured the attention of thousands. They’ve also proved, beyond a doubt, that Texas-based models are among the most fascinating and accomplished in the country. We discovered this exotic beauty strutting the runway at this year's independent fashion event: The Pin Show. Her passion for modeling gave her the confidence and motivation to work on leading a healthier lifestyle. Read on for Fatmata Kargbo's international journey into the fashion world. Name: Fatmata Kargbo Hometown: Sierra Leone, Africa Agency: THE CLUTTS AGENCY, Inc. 1930307_794455840681674_1275490589377364014_n  DFW Style Daily: How and when did you start your career with modeling?  Fatmata Kargbo: “I was first (unexpectedly) scouted in Denver, Colorado via Facebook back in 2009, and now I am signed with The Clutts Agency here in Dallas - in a sense, modeling found me and for that, I am truly grateful.” Tell us what you enjoy the most about modeling? "Well, I have the opportunity to wear clothes that I cannot afford! On a serious note, [I enjoy] being one of the faces that bring an artist’s art/creation to life. [I believe I'm] an example that you can look and be different and still be confident." What was the biggest challenge for you when you first started modeling? Did modeling help you discover new things about yourself? "When I began modeling, I did not meet industry measurement requirements in order to be signed with an agency. I [was always] lean until I moved to the USA from Sierra Leone, West Africa and discovered fast food. Being a Scorpio girl who loves a challenge, I went from 166lb to 115lb and found that I am more confident when I am healthy." Describe the most memorable moment or project you worked on so far. "Actually, it was The Pin Show! It was my first big show in Dallas being that I am new out here from San Antonio. I was not sure what to expect, but in the end, I embraced the love from the audience." 12006534_963989193665579_6767467248581446491_o Tell us about your special talents or hobbies. "I enjoy troubleshooting computers, volunteering in the community, reading novels, running, going for a walks in the park, and listening to music." Describe your perfect day off and what do you like to do in your free time.  "Eating out with friends, watching TV shows like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” taking pointless selfies, and going to the gym." Who is your biggest inspiration or role model? "Flaviana Matata from Shinyanga, Tanzania inspires me not just because of her pure beauty, but her hard work inspiring and empowering young girls through education. She uses her talent to help others and to make a difference." What are your current modeling goals and future plans? "To be an international model and [visit places like] Italy and South Africa and someday walk in New York Fashion Week. I look forward to promoting the inclusion of modeling in schools, just like music and art, as well." Image 1 courtesy of Diabe Sale, Image 2 courtesy of Kara Leigh and Image 3 courtesy of Maja Buck.