LAB ART Texas Departs Dallas Design District, Evolves Street Art Business Model

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What happened to one of the hottest galleries in the Dallas Design District? Read on for the scoop on LAB ART Texas:

LAB ART Interior 1

LAB ART Texas represents the Lone Star expansion of Los Angeles-based LAB ART, founded by Iskander Lemseffer. Launched by private equity financiers Adam Persiani and Eric Rosiak in 2014, the Dallas Design District destination boasted the second largest collection of street art in the nation, after the original. Part gallery, part in-crowd clubhouse, the 4,500-square-foot space was stacked with the works of dozens of the most notable names in street and contemporary art.

The opening last November of Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields’ solo show capped a string of smash-hit events at LAB ART Texas. From Erykah Badu’s overflowing Mixtape Release Party to the buzzing By Way of Dallas Anniversary Event, some of the most notable local happenings in recent memory were held at LAB ART Texas. Robust social media numbers and regular press mentions also indicated a bright future.

In late December, however, Persiani and Rosiak decided to shutter the LAB ART Texas gallery space. The departure was completed earlier this month, leaving many wondering why? DFW Style Daily reached out for insight.

Eric Rosiak, Erykah Badu & Adam Persiani at LAB ART Texas

Eric Rosiak, Erykah Badu & Adam Persiani at LAB ART Texas

“We’re very appreciative of our following. Becoming one of the most approachable and fun galleries, particularly for millennials, has been our model,” explained Adam Persiani exclusively to DFW Style Daily. He went on to emphasize that this brick-and-mortar closure represents an evolutionary step for LAB ART Texas as a business.

Key to understanding the move, we then learned, is the fact that an increasing number of LAB ART Texas sales have been initiated via web, social media and email. Multiple sales have been completed in the past month, in fact, and two new artists have been added to the gallery’s roster. All this, minus the high Design District overhead.

Wishing to maintain an “element of surprise” regarding a few more upcoming announcements, Persiani noted that each of these changes is in keeping with the greater trend in consumer behavior in the marketplace. “We have enjoyed a very memorable run serving the vibrant Dallas art community with high profile, eclectic events celebrating the very best in street and contemporary art, music and photography,” the co-founder concluded. “More is in store for LAB ART here in Dallas.”

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