Over It: Let’s Ditch These Six Tired Style Trends In 2016

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The brand new year is now one week old, and we’ve officially awakened from our holiday hibernation. Hello, bright winter days and fresh possibilities! As the stylish swing returns to our steps, we’ll also be calling it quits with a few ghosts of trends past. Read on for six to ditch on our tired trend short list:

Woman on Cell Phone Texting

#1 Obsessive Oversharing

We love social media as much as the next gals, but 2015 represented a new apex in oversharing. A plethora of platforms, each with its own functionality and culture, populated with a different set of friends, made for one big frazzled frenzy of photos, videos and hash tags. This year, we’re going to unplug more often, surrounded by real friends instead of screens, in the hopes of returning to a more healthy relationship with social media.

Cape Coat Bad Trends

#2 Copycat Couture

From hundreds of pairs of circular shades to thousands of long, pleated skirts to what seemed like a million cape coats, the trend itself was a major trend last year. As soon as an ‘it’ item hit the web, it seemed to multiply like a pair of rabbits in a house of mirrors. Whether blog culture, fast fashion or dirt cheap overnight shipping is to blame – maybe all of the above – we hope for greater wardrobe originality in the future.

Spin Class

#3 Athletic Where?

We look in the mirror as we call out this next trend, guilty ourselves of sporting athleisure wear throughout the day – even if we haven’t been to spin class. To be sure, we love all of our colorful leggings, trainers and tanks, and we’ll never let them go, but sometimes we need to exercise control. Get it? This year, let’s not allow our dresses and heels to feel so neglected.

Fingertip Talons Bad Trends

#4 Fingertip Talons

We’ve tracked countless nail trends in recent history, and most have been perfect tens. Who doesn’t love a little color blocking or a splash of sparkle, after all? We take a moment today, however, to call out an impractical and scary look that we hope has run its course: talons. Ladies, how are you tying your tennies or opening your soda cans, anyway? Does this mall claw manicure come with butler service?

Contouring Bad Trends

#5 Hitting The Highlights

Speaking of trends that pull precious, potentially productive moments from the modern woman’s day, the contouring craze hopefully crested last year. How did an advanced technique, previously reserved for special occasions and seasoned professionals, become a so-called necessary step in our daily makeup routines? Here’s to taking back 20 minutes each morning for something a little more important – like studying or working.

Bunny in Santa Hat

#6 Holiday Creep

Finally, as avid shoppers we object to the jumble all the way that has become the final quarter of the year. Retailers barely give us time to take a breath after stocking up for back to school before they haul out all things Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas in rapid succession. As January now brings the first sightings of the Easter bunny – too soon! – we vow to take it one holiday at a time from here on out.

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