Take Your Personal Brand To The Next Level: Make Yourself Famous In 5 Easy Steps!

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As the Publisher of DFW Style Daily, Amber LaFrance strikes fashionable deals on behalf of our website. But did you know that this multi-tasking girl boss is also the head of CultureHype Marketing & Public Relations?

Amber LaFrance by Jessica Adkins


Through her boutique firm, Amber consults with creative clients to take personal brands to spotlight-grabbing heights. Her work with award-winning recording artist Larry g(EE), for example, included honing his signature look, curating public appearances, and launching new videos and singles. Additional talents who have benefited from Amber’s magic touch include the band Goodnight Ned, visual artists Toni Martin, Matthew Brinston, and Preston Pannek, and upcoming Pin Show 2016 featured performer, ZHORA.

So, what’s the secret formula to branding success? Beyond a haircut or new pair of shoes, Amber preps her clients down to the last detail to be camera-ready, headline-worthy entertainers, artists, and experts in their fields. Whether you’re looking to launch a career in the spotlight, or simply spark envy in friends and coworkers, learn and live these five tips:


Matthew Brinston, Toni Martin

Matthew Brinston, Toni Martin


  1. Get A Professional Headshot

Amber LaFrance: “The first thing I ask a new client is, ‘Do you have a headshot?’ Everyone needs a professional headshot to use on social media, personal or business websites, and, of course, for media opportunities. When crafting a brand image and public perception, random camera phone photos just aren’t good enough.


Goodnight Ned

Goodnight Ned


  1. Establish Yourself As An Expert

“My next question to a client is usually, ‘What do you want to be known for?’ From my perspective, I’m working to identify that which makes him or her the top expert in their field. If she is a stylist, for example, we would begin a schedule of posting on her own blog, as well as posting and re-posting fashion tips and news on social media every day. This works in many industries, and when doing so, always credit or tag the original source, and add a few comments of your own.

“In addition, I recommend reaching out to the local paper to pitch column ideas as an expert contributor. Local media outlets are often looking for new guest columnists, and I’ll share tips on making media contacts below. Above all, consistency is key. Show others that you’re an informed and reliable source.


Larry g(EE) Amber LaFrance DFW Style Daily

Larry g(EE)


  1. Establish Media Connections

“I’ll admit that publicity and media relations can be confusing and overwhelming, but there is an easy initial step that an individual can take on his or her own. Make friends with local members of the press. For example, if you’re a musician, network with music writers at local shows besides your own. The check-in person at the door of the club, or even a bartender, can point out the writers in any audience.

“Members of the media in your market can also be identified via social media or through the contributors pages of websites and blogs. Make an email introduction or send a friend request, and begin a conversation. It’s easier than you think to take the first step – reporters are people, too!”





  1. Dress The Part

“First impressions are key! Though I wouldn’t say that we should all wear a suit or fancy dress at all times, even creative types should look put-together when attending events or conducting a media interview. Polished can be personal.

“Remember the old advice to dress for the job you want? This applies at all times, as you establish your personal brand. Whether you put a funky twist on casual wear, rock vintage finds, or keep things classic with jeans and a blazer, create a signature look that you can pull off every day. You’re always on, and just imagine that People Style Watch might snap a photo at any time!”


  1. Maintain Your Visibility

“Finally, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Be the brand that you want to be. Attend events and happenings around town that attract a crowd you’d like to join or that make sense for your overall goals. Hit several parties per night to make the most of your time, and don’t be afraid to mingle. You never know who might become a fan of you and your brand.”


Click here to learn more about Amber LaFrance and CultureHype Marketing & Public Relations. Amber LaFrance headshot credit Jessica Adkins, Aravaggio Photography.


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