Buckle Up, Big D! Bravo Announces the Real Housewives of Dallas Debuts In 2016

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Announced just yesterday, Bravo has confirmed the upcoming debut of the Real Housewives of Dallas. Read on for the scoop.


Shifting the buzz that’s been circulating around the Big D from a whisper to a scream, Bravo TV has officially listed the Real Housewives of Dallas on its upcoming programming roster. Hitting the channel’s website yesterday, this news was but a blip at the bottom of a blog post about the Real Housewives of Potomac – with more Dallas intel promised to come.

For now, we know that both new shows will premier next year, with Potomac set for January, and Dallas’ debut to be determined. The two new locales bring the tally to nine cities in Bravo’s popular Real Housewives franchise.

In a post sharing this news on her website, Oh So Cynthia, local blogger Cynthia Smoot revealed that casting for the show began back in the summer of 2014. For our part, we can confirm that shooting was ongoing in the city throughout most of this year, at just about every high profile social event. In fact, small portions or “pick up scenes” were still being filmed as of last weekend.

Smoot (pictured below, celebrating the news) went on to detail via Bravo’s press release, “The Real Housewives of Dallas will ‘follow a group of sophisticated southern socialites, as they claw their way to the top of the city’s social scene. The series gives an exclusive look into their glamorous galas, scintillating scandals, and enormous egos, to prove exactly why everything is bigger in Texas.'”


Though cast members’ names remain tightly under wraps, locals who attend see-and-be-seen soirées have known their identities for months. We’ll hint that one or two future Real Housewives of Dallas just might have been spotted hosting an annual charity event in the Dallas Design District last weekend. At the risk of a visit from the Reality TV police, we’ll stop there and wait for the official announcements.

As this news sank in across the city yesterday, we touched base with Smoot for a little exclusive insight. “Love it or loathe it, this show is going to be great for the city of Dallas,” she asserted, lending insight beyond the buzz. “Bravo is a force to be reckoned with, and the restaurants, bars, salons, and events they spotlight in RHoD will get amazing visibility nationwide.”

That being said, some among us who weathered the storms that were Big Rich Texas, The A-List Dallas, and additional cringe-worthy DFW-based reality shows, may feel apprehensive. We’ll keep our minds open, though, to the idea that this could finally be the fashionable and flattering spotlight for which we’ve been waiting. As Smoot concludes, “Just have fun… Buckle up and let’s enjoy the ride!” 

Image at top does not depict official Real Housewives of Dallas logo. Cynthia Smoot picture credit Thomas Garza for OhSoCynthia.com.

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