Dallas Designer Charles Smith II Gives Back With DISD Benefit Tee

  Fashion designer Charles Smith II is known for sportif silhouettes with serious sex appeal. After debuting in 2013, his Smith II line has grown with each passing season, now boasting many editorial credits and regular runway events. Today, DFW Style Daily is proud to share news of Smith’s latest creation, designed to give back to the youth of Dallas.  

  “At some point, every person has been a child with dreams, doubts, hopes, and fears,” says Charles Smith II (pictured above), who is all too familiar with the feelings he describes. Growing up in South Dallas, by way of New York City, basketball was the designer’s escape. “The most vital thing that you can instill in a young adult is inspiration and motivation. Basketball is what did that for me, and it is, in some cases, all that a young man has to look forward to everyday when he is born into a less than nurturing environment.” Through these statements, we gain a greater understanding of Smith’s aesthetic, and we learn why giving back has always been part of his plan. After incorporating charitable donations into ticket sales for past shows, earmarked for the basketball program at his alma mater, Lincoln High School, the designer premiers a product this fall to benefit the Dallas Independent School District (DISD).  

  At $29, the unisex S2 Limited Edition Benefit Tee rings in at a collectible price point, and gives back by way of a scholarship program established by Smith. Focused on DISD students entering careers in the creative arts, a generous 100% of proceeds from sales benefit the cause. Most of all, this project allows buyers to work together as a team. Smith concludes, “My goal is not to just come forward and give money, but to bring people together to act in unison, and be a shining light for our Dallas youth.” Visit www.smiththesecond.com for more information and to purchase the S2 Limited Edition Benefit Tee.  

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