Heard of That New Garage Sale App? Buy & Sell On Your Phone With 5Miles

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We all have stuff we want to sell. Whether boxed in the attic, tucked away in a spare bedroom, or overflowing from our closets (guilty), there’s a good chance that a quick tour of our home could net hundreds of dollars worth of items we just don’t want anymore. But who has time to plan a sale?



Dallas-based 5miles bills itself alternately as “a garage sale on your phone,” “your mobile marketplace,” and “your pocket shop.” No matter how you phrase it, the free smartphone app is designed to connect your unwanted goods with motivated nearby shoppers. Founded in 2014, the company is still new to many in the Metroplex. Though it may just be registering on your radar, the app boasts some two million users throughout the country, to date.

The 5miles process is relatively easy for the smartphone-savvy. After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, sellers can snap a photo of the item for sale, enter a text or voice description, and then select a distance radius in which to offer the item to potential buyers. Just a few taps, and that sweater – or handbag or backpack or set of skis – could find a new home right around the corner.

On the buying side, the 5miles experience is also user-friendly. Browsing through goods in the area is as simple as scrolling, and there is also the ability to “like” favorite items and follow preferred sellers. Both listing and browsing are free, by design. “We developed the 5miles app because we were fed up with online marketplaces that are hard to browse, charge expensive listing fees, and are full of spammers and fakes,” reads the 5miles mission statement.



Finally, speaking of fakes, personal and financial safety are always a concern when buying and selling in the modern age. The folks behind 5miles have addressed these issues, as well. Feedback ratings, identity verification, and the app’s Awesome Experience Team work together to head off any issues.

All of the above taken into consideration, we’d say that 5miles is worth a try. Most of us have holiday shopping to do in weeks to come, and schedules that are busier than ever, so this service could come in handy. To learn more, visit 5milesapp.com.



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