It’s Not (Just) About The Clothes: A Letter From The Editor

  Good morning, dear readers. It’s been quite some time since I wrote a Letter From The Editor. With fall in full swing, I wanted to take a moment to communicate with you on a personal level, and to ask you a very important question. Pour a fresh cup of coffee, and read on.  

At Recent Events: Beauty Live 2015 & Belk Galleria Dallas

  I feel as though I know each of you, though that is hardly possible. There are, thankfully, so many fans of DFW Style Daily at this point in time. I started this website as a personal passion project, however, and I try to maintain that level of passion and purpose each day. Back in the day, as they say, I penned a Letter From The Editor every few weeks, in addition to writing and editing our regular content. That was before we reached our 500, 1,000, and 1,500 feature milestones. To date, DFW Style Daily has published over 1,760 original articles, editorials, news items, and interviews, since our inception in the spring of 2011. I’ll let that figure sink in for a moment.  

Winter Scarf Editorial, Heather Lettieri (2013)

  As I close my eyes, each feature flickers across the movie screen of my mind. Words and images come into focus and fade away in rapid succession; I always pause for the people. To be sure, through the years, we’ve introduced you to countless local artists and entrepreneurs, and they help me understand the meaning of what we do. So many talented individuals and brands have gained media exposure here first, or were able to touch a new audience through DFW Style Daily.  

Neon + Neutral Editorial, Lisa Petty and Heather Lettieri (2013)

  I love that we have such a strong bond with you, dear readers, and that we have been able to share with you so many compelling stories. In addition, we also maintain a reputation for excellence among our local media peers. Why? Because at DFW Style Daily, it’s never been just about the clothes; it’s about style. The word is in our name, and it goes beyond thread and cloth. Style has the power to communicate, elevate, and motivate.  

A Year With No Shopping, Abby Gregory

  As such, I must confess that “Who are you wearing?” is a phrase that crawls under my skin like few others. It’s one reason why I rarely watch a red carpet report these days or wear a logo of any kind. The concept rings hollow to me. To my points above, as you dress for your next big meeting or night on the town, I recommend asking yourself a more meaningful variation of the question: “How am I wearing?” How does your outfit make you feel? How does it communicate something about you? Are you dressed to express yourself or to impress someone else? Do one or more items in your ensemble have personal meaning?  

With Authors Kimberly Schlegel Whitman & Cindy Crawford

  In closing, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few fashionable authors lately who inspired me to examine even more closely my subject of choice. These women put pen to paper to communicate the substance behind their great style. I also enjoy perusing vintage magazines in my rare spare moments, often finding that words on fashion, décor, and style from decades past still resonate today. Great style, like great writing, is timeless. As a writer – and that is how I identify myself, first and foremost – I hope for my words to connect, to inform, and to delight. And, yes, I hope they inspire you to up your style game. Fall is upon us, and we’ll be seeing each other soon. I may ask, “How are you wearing?”  The answer is up to you. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram; follow DFW Style Daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For editorial and advertising inquiries, please visit our Contact Page.

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