LAB ART Texas Co-Founders Eric Rosiak & Adam Persiani Tout Trendsetting Dallas Destinations

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Who doesn’t love a list? Today, our exclusive series returns with Big D insider favorites from the influential team behind one of our city’s hottest galleries.



Having just marked its first anniversary in the Dallas Design District, LAB ART Texas may be responsible for our many heat waves over the past year. And don’t expect a cool down anytime soon. Within its visually arresting space near the corner of Dragon and Cole Streets, this hot Lone Star expansion of the Los Angeles-based original boasts the second largest collection of street art in the nation.

To step inside LAB ART Texas is to be transported into a world where cloned Karl Lagerfelds dance on polka dotted canvases, where luxury logos take on new symbolism, and where the eyes of pop culture icons follow your every move. The men responsible for this magical mystery tour are Eric Rosiak and Adam Persiani, financiers by day. Captivated by LAB ART Los Angeles, they partnered with founder Iskander Lemseffer to bring the “fine art of the street” to our back yard. The duo is pictured below with none other than Erykah Badu, a featured artist at the LAB ART Texas first anniversary event.



As you plan your visit to LAB ART Texas – sooner than later, you’ll thank us – Persiani and Rosiak share their local favorites for dining, date nights, and more, exclusively with DFW Style Daily. Read on for this influential duo’s top Dallas destinations.


On The Move: Kicking things off with a fitness and art double feature, Persiani picks the Trinity Strand Trail. He details, “I like to jog along this extension of the Katy Trail that now runs into the Dallas Design District. LAB ART co-commissioned an Annie Preece American Flag mural to coincide with its grand opening in May.”



Foodie Favorite: When it’s time to refuel, Persiani also heads to a spot near to LAB ART Texas. “The execution here is outstanding,” he boasts of haute Mexican eatery El Bolero. “A great patio with views of the skyline makes this a favorite.”



Brain Candy: Next, we polled Rosiak for a local gem both educational and enriching. He returned a recommendation for the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at SMU, noting that multiple trips continue to reveal new points of interest.



Date Destination: Unexpectedly charming, Persiani picked Lakeside Park as his top choice for a “relaxing fall afternoon” with a special someone. The green space, which runs along Turtle Creek in Highland Park, will soon display beautiful seasonal color.



Cocktail Culture: Nearing the conclusion of our tour of Dallas, Rosiak heads to Uptown when it’s five o’clock somewhere. Hotel ZaZa has his vote for cocktails, owing to the fact that “they make the best Hendrick’s and tonic in town.”



Artistic Addiction: Last but certainly not least, both of our featured experts recommend a trip to LAB ART Texas for your next art fix. Notably, the gallery will host a solo show for photographer and filmmaker Tyler Shields next month. Keep tabs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, visit 315 Cole Street in Dallas, and click for all the latest.


All images via individual businesses; George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum photo credit Jo Steck.



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