Sip, Shop & Savasana At New Plum Yoga On Greenville Avenue In Dallas

  Life in the Big D can be summed up in a single word: busy. Between family and friends, work, workouts, and the crazy pace of this city, we need to squeeze the most out of every day. The best strategy for doing just that can also be expressed in a single word: multitasking. Lucky for us locals, new Dallas business boasts the best of the latter with a means to balance the former.  

  Open only a few weeks at 1924 Greenville Avenue, smack in the middle of a booming restaurant and shopping complex, Plum Yoga combines many buzz-worthy elements in a single destination. To wit, the holistic boutique fitness concept, designed using eco-friendly materials, hosts yoga, meditation, and core classes, as well as featuring an artisanal tea bar and array of socially-responsible product lines by philanthropic entrepreneurs. All that, and free Wi-Fi, too. Whew. This takes multitasking to a whole new level. Look beyond the buzz words, though, to learn why Plum Yoga has your wellbeing at heart. Says co-founder Rose Fitzgerald, “I have been practicing yoga for many years to achieve balance in my life. As a mother and former finance executive, I felt there was a need for a space in Dallas where people can come to not only practice yoga, but to slow down, take a deep breath, be a part of a bigger community, and a find peace, purpose and perspective.”  

  Within this bright new space, Fitzgerald and business partner Charry Morris, Plum’s Director of Fitness, have curated an array of interesting and like-minded brands. Sips by San Francisco-based T-We are crafted of fine teas and herbs, and named in a very quirky manner. Care for a cup of Cougar Tranquilizer, anyone? Over in the retail section, active wear, jewelry, bags, and gift items tempt shoppers from both a visual and emotional perspective. A portion of the annual profits of ReStrung Jewelry, for example, goes to The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation. Moving past refreshments and retail to health and wellbeing, Plum Yoga’s juxtaposed East and West studios host classes corresponding to their geographic namesakes. Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Stretch take place on one side, with Core Fitness and Gymnastics Elements on the other, just to name a few. Morris, a dedicated yoga instructor who has studied and practiced around the world, personally leads many classes.  

  In closing, as we all know, much of the onus is placed upon the individual when it comes to finding balance in life. Plum Yoga presents all the tools necessary to achieve Fitzgerald’s three-pronged goal of peace, purpose, and perspective. It’s up to you to breathe your way through the buzz. All images courtesy of Strauss PR.  

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