For Amy Vanderoef, After “Good Morning Texas” Comes A Brand New Day

  Leaps of faith come in many forms. Sometimes, we take a chance; sometimes, we say goodbye; sometimes, we look ahead with hope independent of expectation. A friend to all in North Texas, and our friend here at DFW Style Daily, Amy Vanderoef has recently bid farewell to the past, risked a change, and opened a bright new future. All this, in a single leap. Read on for the scoop.  

  “Since I no longer have the pleasure of greeting you every morning on your television, it is here where all of my loyal friends, family, and fans can be in the know,” wrote former Good Morning Texas co-host Amy Vanderoef in the opening post on her new blog, Chasing Amy. The heartfelt introduction, entitled This is My Story of Risk and Reinvention, gives a touch of insight into why, after a decade, the beloved broadcasting personality departed her post at WFAA earlier this year. “Leaving a job I loved was a very difficult decision, but no regrets,” she continued, going on to call the move the “ultimate leap of faith.” The choice sent many tongues wagging here in the Big D (Leaving a television hosting gig? On purpose?) as so many among us grasp at small screen fame.  

  To understand the brave choice is to know that Amy’s number one priority is her young son, Wyatt. As a single mom, this move allows the multi-talented industry veteran – she is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City – to focus on more lucrative opportunities. As she explained to DFW Style Daily earlier this week, “Good Morning Texas alone didn’t pay all the bills. ...I needed to get out of my comfort zone to do more." Not only has her move already opened many new doors, but she’ll be flexing creative muscles in ways not always possible with a daily early morning gig. Among new pursuits, Vanderoef now co-hosts The Rodney Anderson Show on iHeart Radio, and she continues to be an in-demand public speaker and supporter of philanthropic causes close to her heart. Not least, Chasing Amy will also act as a new, and more personal, platform for this lovely local. Through her posts, she hopes to connect with her audience in a deeper way. "Parts of my story are going to resonate with you, whether financially, emotionally, spiritually, as a parent, or as a spouse,” Amy says.  

  In closing, not surprisingly, Amy Vanderoef is still recognized everywhere she goes, often hearing from fans, "I miss seeing my friend on TV!" Could the door still be open for a return to broadcasting? She says, with a wink, “I don't think my time in television is over."  To explore Amy Vanderoef’s Chasing Amy blog, and much more, visit Lead image, credit Kelly Williams Photography.    

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