Discover BuDhaGirl, Dallas-Based Purveyor of “Mindful Glamour”

  Take a glance at your wrists; float your hand to your neck. What does your jewelry mean? Could it enrich your day, your focus, your life? BuDhaGirl is a new discovery of DFW Style Daily, and this Dallas-based brand may cause you to rethink your accessory routine.  

  “BuDhaGirl is ‘Mindful Glamour,’ turning routines into rituals,” writes CEO and Creative Director Jessica Jesse of her multi-layered line. “It is a story of awareness and new beginnings – a vehicle made up of beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus.” A fashion industry veteran, Jesse’s international upbringing is complimented by degrees in business and fashion merchandising, as well as graphic arts. BuDhaGirl represents years in the making, spurred by a crisis in the founder’s family.  

  First registering on our radar last month through our interview with model Gretchen Young, BuDhaGirl presents bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and more, through a visually dazzling e-commerce site. Each product brings intention to the practice of donning accessories, backed by a board of neuroscientists, psychologists, and mindfulness coaches.  

  While significant in other cultures, the idea of intentional ornamentation doesn’t often register in our American daily lives – especially not in the dress-snap-post-repeat world of fashion blogs. Imagine, for example, trading your latest trendy trinket for a set of BuDhaGirl’s Prayer Bangles. These gold and silver stacks represent a powerful daily routine. Their description directs: “Slide your bangles on one by one. …As you put them on, you are affirming your nine intentions in the morning and nine thoughts of gratefulness at night. This daily routine will quickly become a ritual and will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day.” As we enter into what promises to be a whirlwind social season, doesn’t the idea of a peaceful moment to yourself at the start of each day, or while dressing for an event, sound just like heaven?  

  As modeled herein by the gorgeous Ms. Young, we also love crocheted and lariat necklaces by BuDhaGirl. The line includes clutches, men’s accessories, pins, and pendants, as well. Each product has a story and a ritual attached, and purchases support a selection of worthwhile organizations. In conclusion, right in our own backyard, BuDhaGirl is growing a beautiful brand and mindful community. Take a moment to explore, and an object of inspiration may just change your daily routine. All images, credit BuDhaGirl.    

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