Silent Discos (a.k.a. Quiet Clubbing) Are Big D’s Hottest New Way to Have a Ball

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Shhhh… Silent Discos are making some serious noise here in the Big D. The festival circuit favorite is now a hot local event trend. Read on for the scoop and get ready to dress the part and dance to the beat of your own drum – ahem – playlist.



No speakers? No problem! A seemingly impossible paradox, so-called silent discos are in fact a very real thing. Sometimes referred to as ‘quiet clubbing,’ partygoers don wireless headphones and groove to piped-in DJ tunes, creating quite a crazy scene to the outside observer. Looks aside, the concept comes with certain measures of practicality, too. Thanks to those headphones, those who aren’t dancing can socialize without shouting. Sure makes party convos a lot easier.

While silent discos are nothing new on the music festival circuit, serving as staple attractions at Bonnaroo, Coachella, SXSW and more, the experience is slowing gaining steam closer to home. Once relegated to underground club status, the silent disco is shimmying its way into the Dallas mainstream with a few fall events that will have you basking in the glow of that proverbial disco ball.



The Young Friends of The Wilkinson Center started the quiet riot last year with the launch of a wildly successful silent disco fundraiser. The event was a fun new way to further the organization’s efforts to transform the lives of Dallas families through pathways to self-sufficiency. “We decided to do a silent disco because it was something new and different. We always strive to reinvent the wheel when it comes to throwing fundraisers and keep everyone on their toes,” says Vodi Cook, liaison for The Wilkinson Center.

The group’s second annual silent disco event is this Friday night, September 11. It will feature six different DJ’s dropping some darn cool beats. We predict some serious dancing will likewise be going down. Visit for more information.



The aptly named Pin Drop Disco from Silent Events will boogie onto the scene just a week later. On Friday, September 17, the Annette Strauss Square at the AT&T Performing Arts Center will transform into the ultimate soundless discotheque. Pick up your headphones at the door and tune into live Dallas DJ’s, including Spinderella of Salt n Peppa, Wanz Dover, DJ emptycylinder, and Zhora’s Taylor Rea. Details can be found at

But, what to wear to a silent disco? As for that burning question, we recommend going with the glow. While many may gravitate towards the ‘70s sartorial siren songs of Saturday Night Fever and Studio 54, the more common dress code simply shines when the lights are low. The Young Friends party, for example, offers up bags filled with glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces. In addition, guests will undoubtedly add even more spark via funky light-up shoes and other luminous looks. Just remember, headphones are the most important accessory.



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