Couture Comeback? Fashion X Dallas Returns September 10 – 12

  Following quite a few style stumbles and an identity crisis in its inaugural year, Matt Swinney’s Fashion X Dallas is set for a comeback this week. Two words to the wise - don’t call it ‘Fashion X’ and do raise Big D expectations from the Austin-based production team.  

  Because we’re “rip the band-aid off” people, we’ll get the bad news out of the way up front. As reported by Leah Frazier for DFW Style Daily last year, Fashion X Dallas opened its first year with an “alarming number of production issues, model mishaps, and a slew of poorly executed designs.” Despite a strong showing by local favorite Binzario Couture (pictured below), the anticipated event’s premier runway show reflected a “disappointingly rocky start.” Also worth noting, everyone to a well-dressed man called the event “Fashion X Dallas,” but the intended pronunciation was “Fashion By Dallas.” Considered yourself corrected.  

  That being said, every show must go on, and the first Fashion X Dallas improved with each passing night. As the 2014 weekend of style by Austin Fashion Week’s Matt Swinney rolled on, Abi Ferrin “wowed,” Ese Azenabor “turned up the heat,” and Nine Muses received a standing ovation and a first-time award from Bernina sewing machines (pictured below). Each of these Dallas-based designers did our city proud. In all, 25 emerging and established designers, both local and regional, showed at the inaugural Fashion X Dallas. In addition, collections by former Project Runway cast members (pictured at top) turned up the star power. All in all, we reviewed the event favorably, despite missteps.  

  Now that you have the back-story, we’ll announce the pending return of Fashion X Dallas (remember: say “Fashion By Dallas”) this coming Thursday, September 10, continuing through Saturday, September 12. The event will once again take place at downtown’s impeccable Fashion Industry Gallery, and will present a three-fold approach to rolling out designers. Beginning on Thursday night, another Project Runway reunion is entitled Stars. Friday then presents Discover, a selection of emerging designers. And Saturday’s closing show, aptly titled Finale, we look forward to with reckless abandon. Think Vintage Martini, Smith II, Abi Ferrin, Nine Muses, Need Edition, and Foremost. A local host committee is another added attraction to Fashion X Dallas 2015. Courtney Kerr, Rhonda Sargent Chambers, and Cynthia Smoot are among the notable influencers heading 2016 outreach efforts. Sponsors include Bernina, BeGlammed, and Goose Island Beer Company. Last but not least, a gallery of pop-up vendors will again tempt attendees with on-site shopping. For more information, visit Images by Shana Anderson Photography via Fashion X Dallas.  

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