Bad Hair Day? The Best and Worst of DIY Home Hair Remedies

Blame it on Pinterest for sparking hearty obsessions with the booming do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. While we adore swooning over a pin or two and getting in touch with our crafty side, some things just ought to be left to a professional. With more and more home remedies, suggestions, and projects on the rise – one must diligently research the risk before taking the plunge. Leading the pack with DIY mania and among the more popular pins, are those associated with hair remedies. We’ve scoured the web, filtered through the rubbish, and chatted with one of DFW’s top hair stylists to get the good, the bad, and the ugly on the DIY scoop. Read on as Blaine Schlaudt (pictured below with wife Sharon Schlaudt), Founder of Blaine’s Dallas, dishes on top DIY hair remedies to avoid, and other unexpected DIY remedies to try that are safe for you and your hair.  


1)      Avoid remedies that involve lemon or lemon juice to lighten your hair. Lemons are acidic and will strip color-treated hair, in addition to causing the hair to dry out which can result in major split ends. 2)      Avoid remedies that involve hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can burn your hair or turn it orange if it is left on too long or used in an excessive manner. Hair damage caused by hydrogen peroxide usage, can often be hard to reverse. 3)      Avoid remedies that involve making hair products from your own pantry. Making hair products isn’t easy and using ingredients such as sugar, salt, and eggs can cause a severe case of dandruff that can be extremely hard to get under control.  



1)      To help with fly-aways, try rubbing unscented fabric softener sheets on your hair. 2)      Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo once a month to remove built up mineral deposits on the scalp from hair spray and gel. 3)      When using a coconut oil or olive oil treatment, wash your hair twice with sulfate-free shampoo to keep your hair shiny and healthy, but not weighed down and oily in its appearance.   Images used courtesy of Blaine's Dallas.  

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