Relax and Welcome to Lounge County: A Chill New Style to the Art of Lounging

When it comes to lounging in the chic, most men need a lesson or two in the art of relaxed style. Mostly deemed unnecessary, the average Joe tends to let himself go once behind closed doors. The slacks come off; the sweatpants come on, and all approaches to style make a swift exit. If this remotely sounds like you or a fella you know, a pair of Texan entrepreneurs have the simple yet comfy solution to taking things down a notch -- but in style.  

  In comes Lounge County – the luxury new men’s loungewear brand that proudly proclaims to cut down on the amount of sweatpants and pajamas seen in public (thank you).  This newly created label caters to men, by developing wearable lounge pant options that can stylishly be donned after work, in the morning, and on the weekends.  

  The debut pant line from the collection, “The Robie,” is a hybrid blend between a waffle weave robe and the traditional pajama pant – setting the mood for an aura of instant comfort. The distinctive design feature for The Robie lies within the tailored fit of the lounge pants, rather than the expected baggy, disheveled appearance of typical pajama pants. Quick to answer the age-old problem of “but I just put my sweat pants on...,” The Robie transitions effortlessly into a look that can head straight for the bar, the couch, or the road without the unruly appearance of letting one’s self go.  

  Priced as low as $76, Lounge County vows to “put a little Saturday morning into your Monday night” with the recent release of both its “Robie” and “Robie Light” lounge pants. Created as the answer to the over-worn and always under-styled pajama pant, Lounge County is on a mission to change the game in men’s comfort and style not just locally, but all over the world. All images courtesy of Bread & Butter PR. For more information visit    

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