Celebrate National Lipstick Day with These 3 Tips for a Perfect Pout

Pucker up and plump it out (if you choose) because today, July 29, marks National Lipstick Day. A noted fave for beauty and cosmetic enthusiasts, National Lipstick Day celebrates the shades, brands, and cult-favorite prep products that adorn our perfect pout. To honor the glossy occasion, we have a few tips to the wise to master a luscious lip look to truly kick off the day in style. From prepping to priming, read on as we dish our 3-step method to achieving lipstick envy.  

1)      Love Your Lips: Exfoliate As often as it occurs with your face, neck, and hands – your lips are also territory for unwanted dryness and flaky skin. During your next scheduled exfoliation routine or scrub, try these flavorful lip scrubs to eliminate dead skin and to leave your lips feeling “ridiculously soft and supple.” With flavors ranging from Vanilla Bean to Brown Sugar to Confetti Cake, a deep scrub exfoliation has never been so tempting or delicious! (Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub $24)  

  2)      Rehydrate with the Perfect Lip Balm Following your ah-mazing scrub, restore hydration to your kisser by smoothing on a lightweight balm. Our favorite? Charlotte Tilbury’s rejuvenating lip balm. Super compact and anti-aging as well (score) – this celebrity-coveted balm coined Lip Magic, packs the perfect potion for moisture-sealing, lip-healing benefits. “Unlike other balms, [Lip Magic] actually works with your lipstick, whether matte or cream, for a perfect application and sustained color.” (Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Magic $35)  

  3)      Prime Before you Line Your foundation, eyeshadow, and eyelashes have primer, so why shouldn’t your lips? Prep your pout for color stay all day with this Urban Decay primer. This thick-barreled “undercover wonder” prevents feathering, corrects mistakes, and holds lip color all day for the ultimate in play. (Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil $16)  

  Now that you’ve followed this easy 3-step method, you’re ready to apply. Whether with MAC, Bobbi Brown, or any other lipstick wonder – grab your favorite matte shade or glossy tube, apply, and now you're ready to go! Smooches and happy celebrating.  

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