Doing it The Folksie Way: The Launch of Dallas’ Newest Lifestyle Destination

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A unique expansion paves the way for Dallas-based brand Folksie, but a detour from the ordinary doesn’t quite surprise us. Creatively driven by top Dallas creative and Pin Show Founder Julie McCullough, Folksie officially blossomed into The Folksie Way on July 20 – a half blog, half e-commerce destination with a slight twist of inspiration for the artistic lifestyle.



“I’m creatively A.D.D.,” jokes McCullough (pictured above). “So it made sense [at this point] to create a lifestyle blog.” Creatively A.D.D.? Maybe. Serial Entrepreneur? Definitely. McCullough is credited for not only opening the sewing and craft studio Make in 2005, but for also originating the Urban Street Bazaar in 2006, and for founding Dallas’ leading indie designer showcase The Pin Show in 2007.  Her heart for the creative scene is imminent, as she fosters innovative means to cultivate budding Dallas talent.

Her newest innovation, The Folksie Way, is a Folksie relaunch of sorts, featuring both her usual menswear and womenswear designs,  but with a new introduction of Folksie-inspired wear for children. Swoon! “Everything for the children will be unisex unless it’s a dress,” McCullough details. “It’s Folksie shapes for kids. No ruffles, no pink – just very simple. It’ll be what we do for adults.”



With no designated seasons or collections for her apparel, it’s clear from our discussions with McCullough that she plans to adhere to no rules or labels – she’s going to do it her way. And not just by herself. She’s invited some of her talented designer friends along for the Folksie ride.

“I have so many friends who do these amazing things, and who are not trying to grow their brands to the Neiman Marcus level,” McCullough says. “The Folksie Way is a site to showcase other people’s stories and to feature other people. We do everything here in-house and we will have very exclusive limited collections. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”



Citing to travel as one of her many pillars for inspiration, the lifestyle blog will document travel stories and “fun living,” in addition to the self-retail component. While this may be the newest addition to the Folksie – McCullough family, we know it won’t be the last. For more information on The Folksie Way, visit


All images used courtesy of Julie McCullough.



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