Skintastic’s Julie Latta Ranks Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for 2015 in Dallas

A nip here and a tuck there is all fair game in Dallas -- and with a rush of influences from celebrities and social media, local doctors’ offices constantly stay full from patients requesting the aesthetic trend. From plumper lips to enlarged buttocks, our curiosity was piqued to get the skinny on what’s trending cosmetically for enhancements and procedures in the Big D. Inquisitively, we rushed our way to the Uptown office of Skintastic Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skincare Center, where we sat down with Chief Beauty Officer Julie Latta to get the lowdown on top procedures in Dallas. A veteran in the esthetic community, Latta dished exclusively to DFW Style Daily on what’s hot and what’s traditionally on the rise by way of cosmetic treatments. Looking for a virtual lift? Read on to get the ultimate in beauty scoop:  

  Injectibles Whether it’s frowned upon or not, celebrities push trends – and with these trends, offices like Skintastic experience the rush of patients requesting the Hollywood treatment. Because of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, (who recently attracted massive amounts of attention to her instantly fuller lips), a typical day in the Skintastic office cites injectibles as the number one procedure. But while the use of Restylane and Juvederm for plumper lips continue to rise (no pun intended), Latta as well as other skincare professionals believe that “less is more” and the more “natural look” is in.   Smart Liposuction With summer in full swing, liposuction requests are at an all-time high. Gone are the days of horrific liposuction procedures that cause traumatic bruising, pain, and an inordinate amount of recovery time. With smart liposuction, down time is significantly decreased, and the overall pain associated with the procedure is minimized. “What we do with smart liposuction -- we go in and inject a lidocaine mixture in the fat cells,” says Latta. “The fat cells then rise like how bread rises; that way the doctor can easily go in with a laser and identify only the fat and melt it down. He melts down the fat cells and then destroys them with the laser.” The procedure, which could range between $2,000 and as high as $10,000, is a heavy contender during the warmer season and ideally for those patients who want a fast solution to unwanted body fat.  

  Fat Transfer Curves are totally in. Popularized by social media and the voluptuous appearances of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and others -- curve appeal heightens the attractiveness of procedures such as fat transfers. From fuller breasts to a plump derriere, transferring fat from one’s abdomen, sides or thighs, and injecting it into another desired region, is one of the many top-ranking procedures at the Skintastic office. “People want a more natural approach and they want their own fat used,” Latta notes. “We liposuction the fat out, it’s harvested very carefully, and then we quickly inject it into those areas where the patients want to be plumped. It’s your own fat and there are no allergic reactions. Your body will not reject its own fat cell – it’s very safe and natural. It’s definitely the best approach to getting that Kim Kardashian bottom!”   Apollo Tri-Polar Radiofrequency For those problem areas that sag and need a tight fix, Apollo Tri-Polar radiofrequency is definitely in. Virtually painless and synonymous to a hot stone massage, this number one treatment for tightening and collagen growth is yet another top pick for cosmetic procedures. “The radiofrequency heats up the skin to a certain temperature,” explains Latta. “It goes deep in and it tightens the skin. It acts like a shrink wrap to the fat cells and also stimulates collagen growth. It’s producing great results.” Multiple treatments are recommended for results, with seven being the average for most radiofrequency patients.  

Cool Sculpting

  Cool Sculpting Categorized as the “lunchtime liposuction,” cool sculpting is increasingly on the rise and receiving its fair share of media attention as one of the go-to procedures for individuals on the go. “This is not your home-run liposuction,” Latta adds. “It’s good for someone who just has an hour, doesn’t want anyone to know, and doesn’t want any down time.” Popular for the lower stomach, inner and outer thighs, and love handles -- cool sculpting ranks high, even for the most active individuals who may have a small problem area or two that exercise and a well-balanced diet just can’t combat. Optimum results are generally seen at six months, and only after one treatment of the affected area. “What cool sculpting does, it freezes the fat cells. Just as when you freeze something – it makes ice crystals -- and when those points hit the fat cells, they are destroyed just like smart lipo does. They then drain naturally through your lymphatic system. It’s a safe, quick approach to breaking down those small areas and for really good results.”   Images from    

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