Dallas Consignment Store Remix Silently Closes Doors, Consignor Voices Outrage

Here at DFW Style Daily, we love a great consignment shop or two, especially when snagging luxury brands for less is the name of the game. Over the years, we’ve dived in (heels first of course) into coverage exploring the unique diversity of the industry, spanning local businesses thriving in both storefront and virtual spaces via the consignment sphere. A little less than a year ago, our focus lasered in on an emerging Uptown consignment shop called Remix, which dished luxury goods and consignment pieces with an artful edge.  

  From studded Louboutins to offerings of Chanel, the Remix collection was coveted by many Dallasites, eventually catching our eye and prompting an exclusive interview with the then owner and serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Anthony. Enamored by the creative flair that breathed new life into cyclical Uptown, Remix promised to be Big D's next big thing. But with all good things (or at least for some), they eventually must come to an end. A recent drive through Uptown revealed a vacant location where Remix was once housed, and is now up for lease. Whether closed for good or silently relocated, the edgy locale is gone without a trace, with no indication to customers of what’s to come next. Social media accounts have been removed (except for Instagram), and the website is now “under construction.”  

  While it’s fairly routine for businesses to open and close, relocate, or temporarily cease operations – it’s highly uncommon for consignment shops to do the above without notice to the consignor and sadly, without the return of their goods. In an anonymous communication with a Remix consignor, we were apprised of details relating to many luxury items consigned to the store, that are still to date allegedly unreturned. Totaling in value in excess of thousands of dollars, the customer described many outward attempts to regain the luxury items, but to no avail or response by Remix management. In our efforts to get a clear status of current store operations, we reached out to Anthony and the Remix store, but our correspondence and communications were unreturned. Currently, it is vastly unknown whether other consignors were similarly affected or if this was an isolated event. What we do know however, is that the shop is no more and all signs point to a silent closing. Social media accounts for the store reveal inactivity for at least three weeks, with no current explanation as to the immediate shutdown. Our eyes and ears will remain low to the ground to follow the developments in this matter, but for the time being, heed to our advice in new dealings. Do your research, but most importantly in the world of luxury dealings -- consignor beware.   Images used from prior Remix published post: credit the Remix team.      

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