Modern Designs & Dallas Ties Make B. Stellar Our Latest Jewelry Obsession

  Our latest fashion fixation is more than just a fling. In fact, reflections of so many common names and places, as well as a mutual modern design devotion, bring us to believe our cosmic connection to B. Stellar was destined to come to light.  

  B. Stellar founders Misty Incontrera and Nancy Koen agree on a simple style statement: “We love accessories that stand out.” Turned on to the pair by mutual friends of DFW Style Daily, Dallas photographer Andy Klein and his associate Sarah Colavito, their words pulled us like a fashion magnet through our initial introduction. We were optimistic about the fix-up, yes, but we’d been promised singularity before, only to find repetition in reality. Would B. Stellar become just another style swipe?  

  As we peered, our pulse quickened. Emerging from shadows in Klein’s striking shots, the long, lean lines of a lapis lazuli-accented necklace and sandstone sphere earrings were bold, stunning. Enticed, we explored further, skipping more beats for clear quartz and mega titanium quartz chokers. And then, more coincidences deepened our devotion.  

  Probing into pasts, we learned that the pair behind this line boasts strong local ties. Incontrera, an artist and “eternal creative,” is a Dallas native and Ursuline Academy and University of North Texas alum. Likewise accomplished, Koen, a fashion merchandising and marketing pro, was named a Dallas Morning News “stylemaker.” Parlaying genuine friendship and aesthetic synergy into business partnership, the ladies launched B. Stellar in 2013.  

  B. Stellar first showed at downtown’s Fashion Industry Gallery, another mutual friend of DFW Style Daily. The brand is now available online, as well as at several of our favorite shopping haunts, including Stanley Korshak and the Nasher Sculpture Center Store. Shedding light on B. Stellar’s story and evolution, our belief in this cosmic connection is cemented.  

  One final quote from the B. Stellar team shows love for our city, as a whole: “We feel like every fashion forward Dallas lady is always on the lookout for something that creates individual style.” They know us like an accessory soul mate. Swoon.   B. Stellar jewelry is handmade in Dallas. Visit for more information and online shopping. Image Credits: Andy Klein (Photography); Ari Villa with Seaminx Agency (Styling); Sarah Colavito (Producer).    

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