And Many More: DFW Style Daily Celebrates Four Years

With style and fashion at the forefront, Lisa Petty launched DFW Style Daily in the summer of 2011 and never looked back. Four years later, the innovative magazine remains a pillar for the latest in fashion and style coverage, publishing close to 1700 posts of original content, vibrant editorials, up-to-the-minute trend reports, and always at the helm of the most buzzed about fashion and beauty events on the DFW scene. Glamorously chic and never missing a beat, the DFW Style Daily team always gifts its readers the absolute best in real local fashion.  

  Of course, reaching a four-year milestone is not possible without a dedicated team of writers, photographers, our videographer, and our publisher. The current DFW Style Daily team includes Lisa Petty, Leah Frazier, Amber LaFrance, Abby Gregory, Rachel Watkins, Jackson, Priya Bhola Rathod, Sylvia Elzafon, Jessica Adkins, and Ric Mulligan. In reflection of the publication’s impact on the DFW fashion and style community, read on as our current contributors contemplate – What does DFW Style Daily mean to you?             Lisa Petty Founder               "As I envisioned the publication in 2011, DFW Style Daily would become a fashionable local forum, a salon filled with news and ideas and positive energy, for all style and shopping-lovers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through the hard work of our talented team, many of us from inception, this vision has become a reality. Looking back, the word that most readily comes to mind is gratitude. I'm ever grateful to the most stylish audience in North Texas for their ongoing support."             Leah Frazier Editor               "When I first moved back to Dallas in 2011, DFW Style Daily became an everyday source of fashion and style inspiration for me. Coffee. DFW Style Daily. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. As one who was a new transplant from the Houston fashion industry, it was my source of knowing what events to go to, where the hot-spots for shopping were, and much more. Through the hard work and talent of the DFW Style Daily team, I'm so thrilled to see that the publication still remains at the peak of its game in being that go-to source -- and I'm more than ecstatic to see what the future holds."             Amber LaFrance Publisher               "Being a part of DFW Style Daily enables me to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion; it's right at my fingertips! Everyday I'm reminded of how fabulous this town really is, and how many people love fashion here. Watch out NYC and LA!"             Jackson Contributor               "Our city is bombarded with tons of information on stuff to do, places to shop, where to eat, where to chill, and people to keep an eye on. I am so thrilled that we have a place that sifts through all of that information and keeps us on track. DFW Style Daily keeps you connected to what's hot, new, and hip -- before the masses find out!"               Rachel Watkins Contributor             "Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway. DFW Style Daily is the local soundtrack covering every step of that catwalk strut."    

  If you haven’t already, please “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Continue to make us your first stop of the day. As we press on for another year, we would like to thank all of our followers who have supported us wholeheartedly. Your readership means the world to us, and we look forward to always providing you the best in real local fashion.   DFW Style Daily Anniversary images and Amber LaFrance headshot by Thomas Garza Photography. Leah Frazier headshot by C. Rene Photography.  

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