Not Just For Father’s Day: Unforgettable Gifts & Experiences For Dallas Dads



Hello again, beautiful people. Dad’s big day is coming, and my latest insider recommendations will make this Father’s Day – or any day – his best ever. Read on for the scoop.



Are you ready for Father’s Day? Sunday, June 21st is right around the corner, and I know you want to make it as memorable as possible for your Pops. That’s where I come in.

You know by now that I have the inside track on the very best that our city has to offer, from romance to nightlife to summertime treats. Today’s list is all about showing your Dallas Dad an amazing time or unforgettable gift. Check out the following, and prepare to remind dear ol’ Dad that you are, after all, his favorite.



Get ‘Linked In

I have stumbled upon a local company that is taking the world by storm. Simply called, this online retailer presents an unbelievable collection of cool, clever, and collectible cufflinks and gifts, to take any man’s wardrobe up a notch.

Is your father a classic gent? Check. A sports fanatic? Touchdown! Sci-Fi aficionado? Beam him up! There is truly a set for every man, and prices start at just $10. Not to mention, this pick can become the gift that keeps on giving. Purchase a cufflink case, and each gift-giving occasion becomes an opportunity to build Dad’s perfectly personalized collection.



Suit His Style

My second pick is for the Dad who might need a little more help in the wardrobe department than a set of ‘links. We’re talking head-to-toe suiting, and I have just the ticket.

Needless to say, I love a well-dressed man – especially when I look in the mirror, and see that it’s me! So, what’s my secret weapon? The team at Andre Phillipe is my custom clothier of choice. Masters of their craft, they can create the perfect suit for your Dad, in any style, in one of countless luxury fabrics.

Even though we live in a world where men don’t wear suits as often as in days gone by, I believe this gift is impeccable and timeless. I have personally been a client of Andre Phillipe for over two years, and it is the ultimate way to pamper a man.



Rent The Car, Own The Road

He may always be after you to ease off the gas pedal, but even Dad sometimes feels the need for speed. Enter Platinum Motorcars.

Platinum has been renting luxury and exotic vehicles to Dallas locals, visitors, and even celebrities, for years. Taking membership to a new level, the Platinum Motorclub equals access to the entire Platinum fleet, six days out of every month. Can you say hotrod heaven?

Give owner Benny Black a call (he’s just as entertaining as the cars), and soon Dad will be zooming around Big D in a Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 12C, Rolls Royce Phantom, Maserati, Bentley, or – well, you get the idea. And hopefully you’ll also get to ride shotgun.



Yes, Grill Sergeant!

Last but not least, why not turn the tables and send your Dad to school? Barbecue school, that is, for the backyard chef who is ready to take his skills to the next level.

Pit Master Charles Smith, a.k.a. Smokie, will be your Dad’s Grill Sergeant. Under the guidance of the legendary proprietor of local favorite Smokie’s Bar-B-Q, a private, expert-level class begins with sourcing and trimming the perfect cut of meat. Dad will then learn to season it to perfection through custom rubs and marinades, later transforming that cut into melt-in-your-mouth barbeque over an open flame. Hungry yet? Call Smokie.

On a final note, lest I repeat myself, you need not wait for Father’s Day to treat your Dad. Honor him with an unforgettable gift or experience, any day of the week, just to show him you care.


Jackson is the President of FLUENT, a premier luxury lifestyle management company based in Dallas. As the past Corporate Concierge for Barneys New York, Jackson is recognized as one of the most respected concierges in all of Dallas. From the social and cultural scenes, to dining and entertainment, this Dallasite truly has a finger on the pulse of his city. For more on Jackson, visit our Contributors Page.