Sizzling Summer Splash: Sandy Tabacinic Touts Top Pool Trends for 2015


Earlier this year, we expanded our spring and summer trends discussion to strut daringly outside the realm of retail, and dab right into the world of interior décor and design. Recognizing that the term style (by virtue of its very definition) encompasses a wealth of lifestyle areas, we explored the topic even deeper — challenging ourselves to venture outside the norm of just wardrobes and closets. Tapping the shoulder of local home design guru and renovation expert, Sandy Tabacinic (pictured below) of Homecorp, LLC, we explored what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s trending in the world of interior design:

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In furtherance of this discussion and in anticipation of donning the teeny weeny bikini, we reached out to Tabacinic once again to get the skinny on what’s haute for homes this summer. Diving right into the discussion and without hesitation, Tabacinic dishes on coveted pool trends making a serious splash in the market. From razor edge pools to resort-inspired water features, read on to lust after our newest poolside addictions.



1. Porcelain Tiles are Out, Glass is Now In

In the world of swimming pool design, fiberglass bottoms, concrete surfaces, and porcelain tiles are so yesterday. The modern swimming pool is now all about the glass tile finish. Emerging in popularity last season due to its durability and iridescent finish, glass tiles for pools are unlike any other. So forget the repeated warning of no glass around the pool, this is one trend that bypasses the hazard.


2. More and More Water Features

According to Tabacinic, waterfalls, fountains, and wall water features are increasing in popularity for modern pool design. Due to its sophisticated aesthetic and relaxing nature, more homeowners are opting for the flow of more water features to bring their pools and backyard experience to zen.


3. Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are the new black for 2015. A small, shallow pool in nature – plunge pools are more for lounging, wading, and cooling off, versus for swimming and exercising. Now this is more of our speed! Preferably more attractive due to the lower cost, manageable size, and easier maintenance, plunge pools are now in high demand.



4. Lagoon Pools

For a more natural pool experience, lagoon pools are now the way to go. Natural wood decks, white sand bottoms, and rocky boulders, sit both inside and outside of the pool to form water features inspiring the lagoon effect. Imagine swimming under the water surrounded by sand and limestone. The lasting impact of this feature bids the illusion of wading in a spring. With the lagoon pool, we predict more staycations on the horizon for this swoon-worthy backyard destination.



5. Razor Edge Pools

Move over Vegas, Beverly Hills, and luxury resorts! The razor edge pool, or as some would coin it, the “infinity pool,” is now a trending home staple. Allowing all four edges of the pool to spill over its sides – this high demand commodity gives the appearance from every angle that the water extends beautifully into the horizon.