D-I-Why? Don’t Try These Curious Fashion Crafts At Home!

  We at DFW Style Daily are not against crafting. We’d like to establish that fact, from the start. To be sure, we’ve even tried our hands at a few wearable art projects over the years. The following blips on our fashion radar, however, have caused us to sigh in exasperation: “D-I-Why?”  

  For starters, while perusing gifts during this season of moms and dads and grads, we happened upon the Make Your Own Panties Kit by The Makery ($20). Complete with fabric, thread, rickrack trim, and cutesy crocheted cherries, we imagine there must be at least one Zooey Deschanel-obsessed twee pop fan out there who would actually enjoy spending a whole afternoon sewing polka dot-print nouveau-retro knickers from scratch. Yes, there must be, but we’ve yet to meet her.  

  Should we stumble across this precious princess’ path, however, we’ll surely also recommend Wool And The Gang’s Teeny Tiny Bikini Kit ($35). She wouldn’t mind in the least, we presume, clicking her needles for hours on end to produce a swimsuit that, by its very description, is “not for swimming in the water.” So, what is this crime of fashion’s function? Attracting creeps at the beach, we presume.  

  Traveling from the uncomfortably sexual to clear on the other end of the spectrum, behold our latest reminder not to buy jewelry at a vitamin store. Arttero’s Jewelry Kits ($26.95) are sold online alongside Krill Oil supplements and Chocolate-Pea Protein Shakes. We suppose, in the case of all of these fine products, enjoyment is a matter of taste. Our palates remain firmly opposed.  

  Thirdly, clashing both color-wise and culturally, we lament the persistence of home Tie Dye Kits (pricing varies). Our bohemian hearts sink a little more each time we spy an activity born of free-thinking creativity and self-expression, shrink-wrapped and mass-marketed via big box retail chains. That said, we tip our beanies to blogger Courtney Sixx for salvaging a rather compelling hybrid from two of these curious crafting categories.  

  Lastly, lest we presume that a certain product as-seen-on-TV has gone by the way of the Dodo and Giselle’s runway career, witness the Bedazzler alive and well – and a steal at $18.86 – via Amazon. We shudder to quantify the state of the fashion world we live in, should this product enjoy a renaissance. Consider it a public service, then, that we’ve ordered each and every last remaining device to be delivered to DFW Style Daily headquarters, lest one stud-stapler fall into enemy hands. On a related note, peek our Halloween costume idea for this year here.   All images via individual retailers.    

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