Raise Your Glass: Top Dallas Mixologist To Compete At Disaronno ‘Mixing Star’ National Championship

  Any night on the town here in Big D reveals a thriving cocktail culture. In boîtes from intimate to expansive, local bartenders are pouring creativity by the ‘tini – or highball or sidecar or daiquiri. Color us impressed, then, if not surprised, that one of Dallas’ local mixology masters has earned a top title and the chance to sweep a national competition.  

  Christian Armando Guillen considers crafting the perfect cocktail “a form of art.” From behind the bar at Uptown’s The Standard Pour (pictured below), the Peruvian native serves up custom creations like the Clover Club, the Aviation, and Blood-n-Sand. It was a sip with a hint of sentiment, however, which recently earned Guillen the title of South Central Regional Winner in Disaronno’s The Mixing Star 2015.  

  A tribute to his heritage, Guillen’s winning ‘A Latino’s Legacy’ cocktail was inspired by two classics, the Disaronno Sour and the Godfather. His recipe adds a tongue-tingling, trendsetting spin via homemade orgeat and an apricot tincture (recipe to follow). Says the artisan of his latest work, “A good bartender has to be able to constantly reinvent their favorite cocktails to keep their customers excited to come back for more. The Mixing Star is a great program to help exercise the creative muscle that every bartender needs.”  

  After taking top honors in Disaronno’s The Mixing Star 2015 regional finals earlier this month, Guillen and ‘A Latino’s Legacy’ will compete this Wednesday, May 13, in New York City for the title of U.S. Disaronno Mixing Star. Something tells us there will be more than a few local fans cheering from home base at TSP on McKinney Avenue that evening, as well. As we eagerly await the results of this delicious decision, we leave you with a short list from the man of the hour. When queried as to top three qualities that all master mixologists must possess, Guillen minced no words. He states that those looking to advance from mere bartender to best in class must display creativity, speed, and passion. He also adds that using quality spirits is non-negotiable. Per the latter, see below for the formula for Guillen’s success. Cheers!   A Latino’s Legacy 1 ½ oz Cutty Sark Whiskey Prohibition Edition ¾ oz Disaronno ¾ oz Lemon Juice ¾ oz Homemade Orgeat ¼ oz Angostura Bitters 1 Egg White Vanilla, Clove, Apricot Tincture   Images via TSPDallas.com and Disaronno, TheMixingStar.com.       

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