Mama Knows Best: Dallas Trendsetters Reveal Top Style Tips for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching, and while we entertain thoughts of what to get the woman who seemingly has it all, pure memories of her overall influence extend the deepest of gratitude. As Mother’s Day draws near on May 10 — the realities of last minute shopping, crowded retailers, and hopelessness in finding “the gift” will creep in. But in channeling our own motherly instinct, we urge you to take a deep breath, and to reflect beyond the material.

Enter DFW Style Daily’s network of fashion influencers in Dallas. For your sentimental pleasure (and ours), these Big D-based trendsetters are revealing the immeasurable impact that their mom or mother figure has had on their fashion and style choices today. Check out their invaluable tips, handy advice, plus more — because let’s face it. Mommy Dearest always knows best.




Alex Small

SMU Undergraduate Student & Fashion Blogger








“My mom has an effortless sense of style. I try to emulate her sophistication and classiness but with more pink and pearls. Her secret to shopping is what she calls ‘scanning’ to pick out the best pieces because she doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in a store. This is a skill that I’m slowly learning because I like to shop for hours! My mom is not only stylish, she also exudes a friendly energy that makes her stand out ever more than her clothes.”




Isabella Vallejo, “Mum” of Mary Bentley

Mary Bentley – Global Director of Business Development
for Service Providers at ISV Solutions and Commercial Model







“My mother taught me to invest in classic pieces that never go out of style — a classic trench coat, a black pencil skirt, a crisp white tailored shirt, a string of pearls and a sensible blazer. I have a number of her pieces in my closet today. My Mum loved to window shop [and] I developed a great love for vintage clothing as a result.  I honor her memory by always carrying or wearing something of hers to special events.”




Ruben Burgess

Sales Associate at Traffic L.A. at the Joule





“The one thing I learned was actually from my grandmother. Always dress presentable. Never step outside without being ready for an important encounter.”





Jeanette Chivvis

Stylist & Founder,







“When your mom is a beauty queen, you learn a thing or two about fashion and beauty.  Growing up I thought my mom was the most gorgeous woman I had ever met.  I was in awe of her beauty from the inside out. One of my most profound memories of her, was watching her get ready before we went to church. I sat in awe of the effortless way she put herself together — like it was just second nature to her. Each hair was in place (thanks to Aquanet), with a perfectly color coordinated outfit, with purse and shoes to match. She was a real southern beauty!


I learned how to ‘mallwalk’ about the time I learned to walk. We would spend hours each weekend shopping for everything under the sun. By the time we were finished, the trunk of the car would be full and we would have a lot of explaining to do when we got home to Dad. It’s so funny now that I shop for a living! I honestly owe it all to my mom, Carolyn Pieper Haynes! Thanks mom for encouraging me in everything, teaching me how to be a Godly woman and most importantly for being the most beautiful mom in the world inside and out! Happy Mother’s Day.”




Leah Frazier

Attorney, Personal Shopper & Editor

DFW Style Daily





“My mother is a walking conversation piece. When she walks into a room, you know it. My friends call her ‘Pop-Pop’ because her outfits are always poppin’! I’ve always admired her sense of style, and my love for shopping definitely came from her. My mom has taught me so many things about fashion and style — some of which I impose on my clients but two things always stand out for me. One, above all things, always make sure you wear and invest in a good pair of shoes. It’s the first thing that people see most of the time. Two, all women should invest in a full length mirror and never leave the house without checking yourself out from all directions. It’s a great indicator of how you’re presenting yourself to the world. Both the front and the back sides should be flawless!”





Patrick Ware


Traffic L.A. at the Joule






“My mother taught me to always keep is classic and on trend.”






Amber LaFrance

Executive Publicist & Founder, Culture-Hype PR

Publisher, DFW Style Daily






“My mom grew up as a tomboy but I’ve always been really girly though. When I was a little girl I wore pink everyday with bows, ribbons, and glitter galore. Growing up, she always took me shopping! That was a bonding activity for us. She encouraged me to be myself and wear what I wanted to. I vaguely remember owning matching baby blue corduroys, a fuzzy sweater, scrunchie, and socks from Limited Too in the 90’s! Hey, it was a thing.”





Vanna Collins

Lifestyle Blogger & Founder

The Vanna Collins Show







“My mom taught me that it’s always okay to add a little (or a lot) of sparkle to your style. When has it hurt anyone? Another thing she taught me is that a lady should be seen and not heard — and the best way to be seen is to dress to the nines!”






Neki Bosh

Stylist & Editor In Chief

They’re Just Clothes






“The one thing I learned from my mom was originality. My mother recognized very early on that I was going to be different, and she allowed me to express my difference in what I wore. As long as the skirt wasn’t too short and I wore a slip, she was okay with my wardrobe. We had many fights over the slip rule, but today I still own tons of undergarments. Thanks mom for allowing me to be original while setting guidelines that made me the lady I am today.”



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