PediaQ to Launch the “Uber” of On-Demand Pediatric Services May 1

  Comfortable, convenient, and cost-efficient. These are the triple threat factors that determine whether we choose to engage in a particular service or product. Add in a fourth “c” for concierge and now we’re really talking! Whether it’s an app for a car service or an app for wine delivery, common themes of one-click orders control our day-to-day lives. While the majority of on-demand apps focus on extra-curricular lifestyle habits, many are emerging to revolutionize the essential tasks of living. Lasering in on core issues surrounding the pediatric healthcare industry, the newest creation in on-demand services is guaranteed to alleviate stress for not only families in the Dallas metroplex, but eventually statewide.  

  Now enters PediaQ – an on-demand pediatric urgent care service, driven by an easily downloadable app to your smart tablet or phone. Sick child? Late at night? No problem. Currently servicing the Frisco and Plano areas, PediaQ dispatches the highest quality of nurse practitioners right to the comfort of your home. By downloading the app, an easy step-by-step guide helps you request a practitioner within your service area, and to receive assistance in less than an hour. Founded by veteran healthcare expert Jon O’Sullivan (pictured below left), and literally the first of its kind, PediaQ is none more than a parent’s best friend and the lifeline in terms of alternative healthcare services. “PediaQ meets the needs of busy families for whom visits to an urgent care center or emergency room are inconvenient, costly, time consuming, and carry the risk of exposure to illnesses from other children,” O’Sullivan comments.  

PediaQ's Jon O'Sullivan, Maher Maso & Matthew Vuckovich

  Tried, tested, and true – moms in the Frisco area are already raving and crowning PediaQ as the “Uber” of pediatric urgent care. “With Pedia Q, I can request an experienced Q Certified pediatric nurse practitioner that will arrive within an hour specifically for my child’s pediatric urgent care needs,” notes Cate Biggs, Founder of Frisco Moms. “They are able to spend more time with my child than traditional alternatives, and they will even pick up any necessary prescriptions from a local pharmacy if need be. It’s easy, comfortable for [a] child, and I just love it.”  

  House calls can range from $150 - $250 depending on the time of service, and claims for reimbursement can be filed with the family’s insurance provider. Following the visit, a PediaQ nurse specialist follows up with the family to ensure that the medical records are sent to their regular physician. Seamless and simple, PediaQ has now added another notch to elite healthcare assistance. Slated for a full launch in the Frisco and Plano markets May 1, PediaQ will be available for download and soon expanding to other areas by June. PediaQ assistance is currently available from 4pm – 12am on the weekdays and from 8am – 12am on the weekends, with expansion plans for more hours of availability forthcoming. Starting May 1, get $50 off of your first visit with promo code PDQ15. For more information, visit PediaQ at or on Facebook at Images used courtesy of PediaQ, credit Bob Manzano for the second and third images.    

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