Do-It-Yourself Lip Plumping Gone Wrong: Dallas Dr. Naila Malik Weighs In

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It was the kiss heard ‘round the world this week as social media accounts exploded with young teens (mostly girls), participating in the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.” Following months of circulated photos showing Jenner with a plumper pout, rumors gave rise as to whether the 17-year-old Kardashian took to cosmetic enhancements to achieve the fuller lip. In an attempt to silence the rumors, Jenner took to the media insisting that lip liner was to blame and nothing more. But fresh after this revelation occurred, the unthinkable happened and all turned into one big epic fail.



Moved by disbelief, fans and impressionable teens took to do-it-yourself methods of lip plumping, which inevitably led to a social media outbreak coined the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.” The challenge involves a suction cup method of lip enhancements by placing the lips into a shot glass, and constricting the air around the mouth. The intended result? A fuller, plumper, more voluptuous lip for few – but for many, extreme bruising, discomfort, and unsightly discoloration was their ultimate claim to fame.



Although this may sound extreme and completely unreasonable, the numbers don’t lie. Reports sky rocketed this past week of thousands of teens participating in the challenge, ultimately resulting in increased health concerns and numerous doctor’s warnings. Curious, and somewhat alarmed, we sought the advice of local skin care expert Dr. Naila Malik (below) to weigh in on the matter, and to assess the risks involved with this recent wave of experiments sparked by the social media craze.



“Medically speaking, inserting your lips into a shot glass and sucking the air out can lead to potential severe trauma,” Malik advises. “Even moreso, permanent scarring, and disfigurement can occur from one of many ways:

  1. The shot glass can shatter and lead to lip lacerations. This will require surgical repair and stitches, which will likely leave permanent scars.
  2. The lips may turn blue from venous blood stasis (filling up with blood) and lose sensation. This can compromise arterial blood flow and lead to ulcerations and loss of lip tissue – again scarring and disfigurement.
  3.  Swollen, blue, insensitive lips are likely to get infected.
  4. Repeated attempts can lead to the loss of elasticity and firmness of the lips, chronic venous stasis, poor circulation, and disfigurement and scarring.”

As it stands, participants in the challenge may have known the risks, but chose to proceed anyway — but for those few who were ignorant as to the effects, Dr. Malik’s sound advice bids we take heed. And while many may live by the adage that “beauty is pain,” this may be one trend that gets packed up and kissed goodbye.



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