Artis Fluenta Collection: Could This Be the Best MakeUp Brushes Ever?

  Shhh. A revolutionary product touched down at Neiman Marcus North Park Center and trust us -- it’s taking the world by storm, one stroke at a time. From the newest in beauty bloggers' craze to continuous media buzz, Artis makeup brushes are already categorized as the game-changer in the Big D beauty biz. Lace up your boots and get ready to serve face, ‘cause this just may be the best makeup brushes ever!  

  Founded by cosmetics veteran Matthew Waitesmith (pictured below), the past Senior Vice President over MAC’s Global Artist Training and Development Program used his experiences as both a MAC Artist and in retail selling to fuel his latest venture with Artis. Always up for the challenge in fine tuning his craft, Waitesmith took the ordinary makeup brush, and transformed it into an aesthetic masterpiece of design. Made for function through patented designs and trademarked technology, but totally transformative for ultra-chic bathroom décor, we may have stumbled on our next newest beauty obsession.  

  “I feel that everything I’ve experienced until now has brought me to Artis,” says Waitesmith. “Each collection will use different design starting points, and then evolve with the ergonomics and aesthetic beauty we’re known for. We want to make tools that deliver both art and function.” And art and function this revolutionary product delivers. Converting beauty enthusiasts into believers, and gaining more than its fair share of industry cred, even Star Magazine quotes “Lady Gaga [as] going, well gaga” over the Artis brushes. One-of-a-kind innovative design? A Lady Gaga thumbs up? Go ahead and count us in.  

  With our sources at Neiman Marcus raving and tipping us off to the next big thing, we at DFW Style Daily decided to test out the new brushes for “research.” As you know, seeing is definitely believing. After a transformative experience, we left literally speechless and can affirmatively say that we now believe the hype. Following our surreal cosmetic encounter, we pinpointed three takeaways for the Artis Fluenta brush collection: 1)      Less Product Usage, Longer Lifespan: No more slapping foundation on your hand and spreading it on with the tip of your finger. Artis brushes use less product overall but provide you with even better full coverage. In turn, this translates to a longer lifespan for your cosmetic products and more coins in your pocket. 2)      Massage-Like Nirvana: Made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre for cosmetic and makeup brushes -- strokes are light, soothing, and overall therapeutic. Ditch the worries of harsh fibers breaking the skin, the Artis Fluenta collection fares along the lines of a really good facial massage, than just the same old routine from an ordinary brush. 3)      Easy, Rapid, No-Fuss Cleaning System: Gone are the days of cleaning your brushes and waiting hours for them to drip dry. With the Artis Premier Brush Cleaning Pad (pictured above), simply wipe the brush tip gently across the cloth and any powder residue will be pulled immediately from the tips of the brush. You’re now ready to move on to the next product. For full cleaning use, apply a small amount of the Artis Brush Cleansing Foam to either the cleaning pad or directly on the brush, wipe the brush across the cloth, reshape, and after a couple of minutes the brush is dry and ready for use -- perfect for the woman on the go.   For more information on the Artis Fluenta collection, please visit Neiman Marcus North Park Center. Images used courtesy of Artis.  

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